Pregnancy: how to avoid water retention

Pregnancy: how to avoid water retention
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Pregnancy has plenty of little inconveniences, and among these, water retention makes the Top 5. In daily life, water retention manifests as a swelling in the legs, weight gain, skin itching, etc. Here are some tips to avoid such irritations.

Water retention during pregnancy: why?

During the third trimester, the pregnant woman can develop significant odema, generally around the lower limbs such as in the legs, although the entire body can be affected. Such swelling is caused by the pressure the uterus is putting on the vena cave (a vein), which impairs the blood flow from the legs to the heart.

As a result, the blood vessels are too compressed and have a tendency to cause the skin in the lower limbs to swell up.

How to prevent water retention?

There is no miracle cure, because pregnant women cannot take diuretic medications, among other banned medications. However, your diet plays a significant role, and it is possible to prevent water retention with a diet that can help you reduce the unpleasant effects of the odema.

Eat a varied and balanced diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables, preferably organic. Put a ban on industrial products which are high in salt, fat and sugar. Drink water and fruit juices rather than fizzy drinks and coffee. Also remember to go for regular walks at your own pace (not too intense…).

You can also do prenatal yoga up until the 6th month if not more, depending on your doctor’s recommendations. Going swimming in a pool is also a good way of gently exercising in order to promote blood circulation and prevent water retention.