Pregnancy: Five signs that you are expecting a baby girl

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Pregnancy: Five signs that you are expecting a baby girl
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“Well is it a girl or a boy?”  This is definitely one of the most common comments that pregnant women will hear.  However you might prefer to have a surprise when you give birth rather than find out before.  If you’d rather know before your due date you’ll have to wait for the ultrasound 20 weeks in to reliably know the sex of your child.  You might not need to wait that long as here are 5 signs that could tell whether you are expecting a girl… apparently!  

1) Severe morning sickness

Severe morning sickness is a commonly known sign that you are expecting a girl.  Studies have shown that there is a difference between the morning sickness suffered by women expecting girls and those expecting boys.
When a pregnant lady is expecting a girl she is more sensitive to infections and her immune system is weaker.  This could explain the difference in the type of sickness suffered by women carrying a girl or a boy.

2) Stress levels

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Mother’s stress levels could suggest what sex of child you are expecting.  According to a study carried out in 2012, if a mother has a significant level of cortisol in her body when her child is conceived the chances of having a girl are greater.
Once again a folk legend is given some scientific credit.

3) Mood swings

It is generally known that when a women is expecting a girl her mood swings are more intense.  This could be because of higher levels of estrogen in her body.
This theory has not been confirmed by science.  It is very likely that hormonal changes can influence the mother’s mood but no link has been proven between the two.

4) Sugar cravings

If you have sugar cravings, then you are expecting a girl!

Old wive’s tales all agree that sugar cravings are typically had by mothers who are expecting girls while those expecting boys crave more savory foods.
Once again science hasn’t proven this statement.  These food cravings are a result of hormonal changes and alterations of your digestive system.  Pregnant women can have real cravings for food and other things which they never liked before being pregnant.  However it is not a sign that you are expecting a boy or a girl.

5) Having a high baby bump

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We often hear that having a high baby bump is a sign that you are expecting a girl.  However this doesn’t really seem like a reliable prediction. The position of the baby bump will depend on the mother.

  • Their body type ;
  • Weight gain during pregnancy ;
  • Level of physical fitness;
  • Muscle strength.

What can you do with this?

There are lots of so-called signs to determine the sex of your child. However these signs are not proven. In fact only two are validated by science. It’s up to you to trust them, or not. The most reliable way to find out is the ultrasound on your twentieth week.
Traditional predictions or waiting for the doctors word, the choice is yours.


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