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Pregnancy and sex: what are the risks?

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Pregnancy and sex: what are the risks?
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According to Terri Warren, a nurse practitioner and author of The good news about the bad news : Herpes, everything you need to know, The greatest risk is that a women contracts herpes in her third trimester.”  However, would practicing oral sex during this period increase the risk of the mother or future baby contracting a sexually transmitted disease or infection (STD, STI)?  Read on to find out what the experts advice. 

Is oral sex risky during the third trimester?

According to Terri Warren if a pregnant woman contracts herpes during her third trimester there is a 50% chance that her future baby will be infected at birth.  This heightened risk is due to the pregnant woman’s immunity defenses which are weaken during the third trimester.  During this stage women are more exposed to virus’ and infections.

If her partner is infected, STD and STI which are orally transmitted through kisses (if there is a wound or infection in the mouth), oral sex or through fellatio can contaminate the woman and her future baby especially during the third trimester.

If the future baby is infected by herpes, it risks being born with  “blisters around the eyes, mouth and skin” according to Terri Warren.

What’s more, it is recommended that you wash and dry a sex toy before you use it to reduce the risk of infection.

Some facts and figures

Papillomavirus and chlamydia are the most common viruses for women.

However using a condom won’t reduce the risk of the papillomavirus as this infection is transmitted directly through contact from skin to skin.  This is why it is recommended that every women has a smear test every 3 years from the age of 21 years old.

Chlamydia is sexually transmitted and can cause severe problems which can even cause sterility.  More than 50% of men and 70% of women infected show no symptoms and don’t know they have the illness.


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