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Pregnancy and sex: 8 positions to try out!

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Pregnancy and sex: 8 positions to try out!
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During pregnancy, depending on how far along you are, avoid sexual positions that could be uncomfortable for you or for your bump. For example, during the first few months, enjoy classic lying down positions such as missionary. Take advantage of this time! During the second and third trimester, you may need to take a little more care. 


Women’s breasts become very sensitive during pregnancy, meaning that missionary position is generally only possible if the man takes his weight on his arms, without pressing on the woman’s breasts while she is underneath him.

If in a few months, the woman finds it hard to stay lying on her back without discomfort, use cushions for support or change positions.


In this position, the man is lying on his side, behind the woman’s back, which is pressed against him. In this position, the baby doesn’t weigh on the stomach and the man can caress his partner’s clitoris. As pregnancy can impede a woman’s physical mobility, you may need to find adapted positions, because sexual pleasure contributes to the mother-to-be’s well-being, and therefore also to that of the baby growing inside her.

Doggy style

The woman goes on all fours with her partner behind her, either kneeling or standing at the edge of the bed. Even if this position can be very pleasurable, the woman can neither see nor caress her partner.

Woman on top

The man lies on his back and the woman straddles him, while she controls the movement. This is one of the most comfortable positions for future mothers during their pregnancy, as they can adapt the depth of penetration according to their desires, and they can vary the movements!

Face to face

Lying face to face, thighs apart and raising her legs by bending at the hips, the woman puts her heels on the man’s shoulders, ready for penetration. But keep in mind that this is a position to be practiced with care if the pregnancy has caused lower back pain or sensitivity.

The chair

The man sits on a chair and his partner sits on top of him. The future mum can control the rhythm and can easily get up if she becomes uncomfortable.


Sitting facing one another, legs parted and gently bent, the woman puts her thighs on her partner’s thighs, while he holds her ankles. Both parties can then control the penetration by moving their torso forwards and backwards.

The square

The woman lies on her back and bends her legs so that the man, lying on his side perpendicular to her, can slide his pelvis under her legs to penetrate her. If lying on her back is too uncomfortable for the woman, place cushions under her head and shoulders.

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