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Pregnancy: 3 indispensable homeopathic remedies

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Pregnant women can only take very few classic medications, but fortunately homeopathic remedies are permitted. Homeopathy is an alternative medicine that aims to treat problems by administering very small doses of entirely natural remedies. Gentle on the body, it can treat numerous ailments. Here are 3 indispensable natural remedies to get you through your pregnancy. 

1) Sepia 9CH, for nausea and more

Sepia officinalis is a homeopathic remedy made from cuttlefish ink.

This natural remedy is effective for digestive problems and other problems typical of pregnancy:

  • nausea
  • constipation aggravated by pregnancy
  • haemorroids
  • fatigue
  • thrush
  • pain during sex
  • bloating
  • hot flushes
  • depression

Take 3 granules of SEPIA 9CH 2 to 4 times a day, in the morning when you wake up and at night before going to sleep, for one week. If you would like to continue the treatment, ask the advice of your doctor or a homeopath.

2) Ignatia Amara 9CH, for stress and more

Ignatia Amara is a homeopathic remedy made from the Ignatious bean, a plant in the Loganiaceae family that comes from the Philippines. This homeopathic treatment can contain a certain amount of lactose and sucrose. Ideal in pregnancy, it is recommended in the cases of:

  • frequent mood problems
  • emotional sensitivity
  • depression, anxiety
  • hot flushes
  • stress related stomach aches
  • sleep problems

Take 5 granules of Ignatia Amara 9 CH morning and midday for a week.

If you would like to continue the treatment, ask the advice of your doctor or a homeopath.

3) Pulsatilla 15 or 30CH, for fever and infections

Pulsatilla is a highly effective remedy for treating various health problems, notably during pregnancy.

This homeopathic remedy is made from a highly toxic European plant: pulsatilla vulgaris, a member of the buttercup family.

Here are the cases in which it is recommended, particularly for pregnant women:

  • chronic colds
  • runny or blocked nose
  • ear ache, mumps
  • bronchitis, sinusitis
  • a dry cough
  • diarrhea or constipation
  • bloating, digestive difficulties
  • fever
  • rubella, measles
  • skin breakouts
  • blepharitis of the eye, styes
  • mood swings, depression

Take 3 to 5 granules morning and evening of Pulsatilla 15CH or 30CH for 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the advice of your doctor or homeopath.

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