Pregnancy: 10 ways to relieve morning sickness

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Pregnancy: 10 ways to relieve morning sickness
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Morning sickness is often the first sign of pregnancy.  Whether it is bearable or not at all, this nausea is altogether very annoying and difficult to deal with.  Sickness can affected 50% of pregnant women and can be caused by a number of factors.  Very common in the morning,  symptoms become less apparent over the course of the day and can stay for up to the first three months of pregnancy.  Nausea can be caused by an increased level of estrogen with low blood sugar levels.  In this article we’ll give you 10 things that can help you to limit nausea in the morning. 

1) Stay well rested

You need to make sure that you sleep well at night and in complete darkness, instead of taking a nap in the middle of the day.  All the same, try and avoid going to bed straight after having eaten.  This will only increase your bouts of nausea.
During your pregnancy your body will change so why not look into pregnancy cushions.  These specifically designed pillows will prevent you from suffering from back pain.
Go to bed early and get up early so that you can take your time to get up in the morning.  Of course avoid sleeping pills unless they have been prescribed.

2) Eat well

Avoid eating too much fatty, oily or spicy foods or too much caffeine. These products will increase the likelihood of having acid reflux.  The more you have acid reflux the more you will suffer from sickness.
Eat your food in small proportions and think about snacking on a little something even before getting out of bed.  If you do this your sugar levels will be constant.
Also think about eating foods that are rich in protein before you go to bed.  This will help regulate you blood sugar levels and lower the chance of suffering from nausea.
Lastly, if you are afraid of smells then you can eat cold foods to reduce the amount of smells around you when you eat.

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3) Always stay well hydrated

Even if it is hard to drink when you are sick, you should never be dehydrated.  If you find it is too difficult you can try adding ice cubes or mix your water with diluting juice.

4) Be mentally and physically active

Stay busy.  Books, TV, jigsaws or short walks will keep you occupied both mentally and physically.  The less you think about your sickness the less you will suffer from it.

5) Ginger and mint can help combat morning sickness

If smells and tastes don’t really bother you much, you can try to drink a ginger or mint based drink to help combat your nausea.  It is a tried and tested recipe that people have used for a long time. .

6) Dress comfortably

You should try as much as you can to avoid wearing clothes that are too tight.  It will only increase the risk of feeling sick. You should always feel comfortably dressed.

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7) Be aware of computer screens

Screens can make you feel sick as they tire your eyes.  Regulate your computer or your telephone to give it a beige or pink tint.  This will help to reduce eye fatigue.

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8) Vitamins

Vitamin B6 can help but you have to watch.  You should take any vitamins or food supplements unless you have spoken to you doctor or a specialist.

Les vitamines B6 peuvent aider. Mais attention, ne prenez pas vitamines, ou de compléments alimentaires, sans avoir eu au préalable l’accord de votre médecin ou d’un spécialiste.

9) Be aware of smells

Often nausea is triggered by a specific smell that you find unpleasant.  You can help yourself out with perfumes like lemon or rosemary extract. They will help to camouflage ot get rid of bad smells.
You will quickly learn what smells trigger your bouts of sickness.

10) Alternative therapies

Therapies like acupressure or hypnosis can help you to combat your sickness if you are finding it really hard to deal with.  However you should always make sure beforehand that your chosen therapy is not harmful for you or your baby.


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