Personality test: what the way you make a fist says about you

Personality test: what the way you make a fist says about you
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Synergology is a discipline that aims to study non-verbal body language. Professional synergologists are accredited, meaning they are members of a regulatory body, and they require a three year long degree qualification. Find out for yourself whether this discipline can teach you anything with this personality test: how you make a fist could well say a lot about who you are! 

1) All the fingers underneath the thumb

Do you tend to be both versatile and flexible? According to the position of your fingers, you are dynamic and able to face up to all sorts of obstacles. You have a huge ability to adapt, and inexhaustible enthusiasm, which are the keys to your success!

2) The thumb underneath the index finger, the middle finger and the ring finger 

Synergology indicates that you are a very talented person, and that you know it. You tend to be extroverted and sure of yourself. Both at work and in your personal life, you are stubborn and persistent, meaning you are willing to make many efforts to succeed at whatever you do.

You like to give the impression that you are unbreakable and don’t need anything or anyone, but however behind all this, you are highly sensitive.

3) The thumb posed on the side of the index finger 

Credits: AceSpencer – pixabay

Could you be a bit of a dreamer, with a limitless imagination? According to the position of your thumb and fingers, you have a creative personality, which allows you to realise your dreams, as long as you make the appropriate effort.

You are a sociable and generous person. You know how to look after others while still looking after yourself, but you can end up disappointed. In love, you tend to suppress your feelings for your loved one, but over time, you become more open and extroverted.

4) The thumb placed on the underside of the index finger, the middle finger and the ring finger

Credits: Farmgirlmiriam – Pixabay

This way of making a fist indicates that you are an attentive person, particularly to your loved ones, but also towards others, because you love to help people out. Volunteering, in any shape or form, is important to you and you are probably already involved in one or more charitable organisations.

You have great listening and communication skills, which enrich you on a moral level. You are pragmatic and calm by nature, even in difficult situations.

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