Perfect exercise regime to lose weight according to study

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Perfect exercise regime to lose weight according to study
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We often think that the more sport you do the more weight we will lose.  However according to an American study this is incorrect way to look at sport when trying to lose weight.  In fact the quantity of physical activity you carry out isn’t necessarily linked to continued weight loss over the long term. 

Losing weight with sport: Quality VS Quantity

It isn’t the amount of time that you spend doing exercise that will help you to lose weight quicker!

According to researchers from Skidmore College in the United States, increasing the amount of physical sport you do isn’t necessarily the best technique for losing weight over the long term.  In fact it is more import that you associate quality physical exercise and a healthy and varied diet, which is rich protein.

So that they could carry out their study, researchers analysed the behaviour and weight of 36 women and 21 men who were overweight, aged between 35 to 57 years old.  The participants of the study were separated into three groups:

  • Group 1: Diet composed of 60 g of protein and little physical exercise.
  • Group 2:  Diet composed of 60 g of protein and intense resistance exercise four times per week.
  • Group 3:  Diet composed of 60 g of protein and different types of exercise from weights, stretches and endurance.

According to the researchers’ results, the participants in group 3 lost more weight in comparison to the other groups.  They lost more weight in comparison to the other groups ( 2.6% more) and had smaller waist measurements (average 2% less).

Ideal sports programme

According to Paul Arciero, the study’s director, it is important to combined different types of sports if you want to lose weight quickly and over the long term.  This includes:

  • Resistance exercises (Weights, Stretches, Bending)
  • Endurance exercises (Running, Cycling)
  • Stretching (Yoga, Pilates, Gymnastic)
  • Circuits (Series of interspersed exercises with short breaks)

As the study’s author stated, “It’s not about simply doing more exercise. It’s about doing the appropriate range of exercises and activities that most effectively promote health and fitness.”  If you are looking to lose weight remember that it is important to eat a balanced diet and carry out a range a different types of excercise.

The study discussed in this article is called:  “Timed-daily Ingestion of Whey Protein and Exercise Training Reduces Visceral Adipose Tissue Mass and Improves Insulin Resistance: The PRISE Study”, Journal of Applied psychology, May 16, 2013.


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