Parsley: naturally effective for over 10 health problems

Parsley: naturally effective for over 10 health problems
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Flat leaf or curly parsley is an aromatic herb coming originally from the Mediterranean, that grows mainly in Europe. Used in cooking and in medicine for over 2000 years, parsley is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace minerals. So what are its health benefits? 

Properties and health benefits of parsley

Parsley has many interesting medicinal properties that support natural healing.

1) Fights urinary and kidney problems

Parsley is particularly recommended in the form of a decoction, to treat health problems related to the bladder, the prostate or the kidneys. Parsley leaves and stems contain a natural antiseptic that purifies the blood and the intestinal and urinary passageways, and also a stimulant for the organs with smooth muscle fibres (the intestines, the bladder, the uterus).

2) A powerful natural diuretic

Parsley root is diuretic, meaning it is effective for purifying the body of toxins. It can be used to treat:

  • general swelling of the whole body (anasarca)
  • various forms of oedema (an abnormal accumulation of liquid in the body’s soft tissues or in a cavity in the body).
  • visceral congestion
  • jaundice

3) Promotes blood circulation

Parsley has a positive effect on blood circulation because it stimulates blood flow to the pelvis and uterus thanks to the apiol it contains, a substance that works on the circulatory system and the smooth muscle fibres, via the nervous system. Parsley seeds can be used as a tea for treating painful periods (dysmenorrhea) or the absence of periods (amenorrhea). They can re-establish regularity when periods have been interrupted or disrupted as well as relieving period pains.

4) Naturally good for digestion

Thanks to the significant diuretic action and the nutrients it contains (provitamin A, vitamin C, mineral salts, iron), parsley can effectively and naturally improve the digestion process. It can also be used to freshen the breath.

Parsley: useful for over 10 health problems

Here are the health problems that parsley can help to treat or naturally relieve:

water retention 
problems with the kidneys, the bladder or the prostate 
– asthma
– digestive problems 
raised blood pressure
intestinal gas, bloating
– liver problems
muscle spasms
absence of or irregular periods

How can parsley be taken medicinally?

Generally, parsley is consumed as an accompaniment to a cooked meal or a salad. However, when it is used for medicinal reasons, it is recommended that you consume it as a drink or a tea.

You can add 1 to 2 teaspoons of dried parsley leaves or roots, or 1 teaspoon of crushed parsley seeds, to a cup of boiling water. Leave them to infuse for 10 minutes, strain and drink. Do not drink any more than 3 cups a day. 

If you prefer, you can also take 1/2 a teaspoon of mother tincture of parsley in a glass of water, up to 3 times a day.

Precautions and contra-indications

Always use parsley that has been grown in a pot, because wild parsley is too easily confused with hemlock, a highly toxic plant. 

It is strongly recommended that pregnant women avoid taking parsley medicinally. 

Taken as an infusion, be sure not to drink any more than 3 cups a day. 

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