Olive oil can improve your sexual performance

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Olive oil is an indispensable ingredient for lots of dishes and is an excellent natural remedy.  However another benefit has recently come to light.  According to a study by Dr Christina Chysohoou and her team which was unveiled during the annual meeting for the European Society of Cardiology in August 2018, this ingredient can help combat problems with erections and in general improve your sexual performance. 

Olive oil: Surprising uses

Olive oil is a miracle ingredient that can be used to combat a wide variety of disagreements.  Between it’s uses in the kitchen, as a moisturiser, as an antiseptic, an anti-inflammatory and in cosmetics in general, this new study has now revealed another more surprising facette.  Dr Christina Chrysohoou’s team from the University of Athens presented their study looking at Mediterranean diets at the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology.

The average age of the 667 men that took part in the study was 67 years old.  These men followed a similar diet which was a typical Mediterranean diet based on fruit, vegetables, pulses, fish, nuts and of course olive oil.  As well as having an positive effect on the heart,  olive oil also seemed to undeniably improve men’s sexual performance.

The teams observations have led them to believe that 9 spoons of olive oil per week, which could easily be found in your diet, would affect sexual capacities by increasing testosterone levels and therefore reducing the risk of erection problems.

Reduces the risk of impotence by 40%

Dr Chrysohoou also highlights that practicing a sport and a balanced diet are also essential for improving men’s sexual capacities after the age of 60.  “Men that follow a Mediterranean diet -particularly those that take a lot of olive oil – will see their risk of impotence reduce by 40%.

It is the end of Viagra!  Using a healthier and Mediterranean food product is much better.  “Viagra doesn’t improve your sexual performance in the long term, whereas a Mediterranean diet offers men a long term solution without need to take any medicine,” concluded Dr Chrysohoou.

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