Nutrition: 4 foods you think are bad for you but are actually good!

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Nutrition: 4 foods you think are bad for you but are actually good!
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When you work, get home late or are just feeling tired it can be hard to motivate yourself to cook a meal for dinner. If you need to make a well-balanced meal and stay in good health while also taking pleasure out of the foods you eat if can be even more difficult.  Here are four foods that you can continue to eat without feeling guilty as they are actually good for you! 

1) Pasta

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We can often think that pasta makes us fat…but this is false! It is actually the sauces and cheese that we add to pasta that makes us put on weight.  Pasta in itself has a low glycemic index which makes you snack less between meals.  Pasta is also rich in fiber, especially wholemeal pasta as well as having high contents of magnesium and vitamin B.  What is more pasta is excellent for bowel movements.  However even if you are on a diet you shouldn’t forget about pasta! 🙂

2) Sushi

We can often think that sushi is too fatty for us to eat too much of it however it is quite the contrary.  Sushi is in fact low in calories and can give your body lots of protein.

Sushi is made up of healthy and diverse foods:

  • Rice which is rich in carbohydrates and vitamin B1 which is excellent for bowel movements
  • Raw fish and seaweed which is as rich in protein as meat without fat
  • Vegetables including avocados and cucumbers

3) Chocolate

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Do not eat too much chocolate, or you might have a heart attack. Yes, you must have heard this phrase dozens of times when you were a child. However chocolate actually helps promote bowel movements and is an excellent source of fiber for the body. It is also good for HDL cholesterol and is a natural anti-stress because of its magnesium intake which reduces cortisol levels. Make sure you enjoy your chocolate fondant which is wisely waiting for you in the oven!

4) Garlic

You might not know this but garlic is actually a real benefit for your health and your complexion.  It is good for your immune system and it also helps to reduce the risk of cancer as well as cholesterol (LDL) which are at the root of cardiovascular illnesses.  As it is rich in calcium, potassium and vitamins, garlic brings essential nutrients to the body which will also strengthen your nails and hair.  Garlic’s antiseptic benefits also allows you to combat acne.  Moreover, garlic is easy to use in various recipes.

You now know what foods you should stock your cupboards with so that you can eat well and stay on top form!

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