Naturally remedies for children with toothache

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Naturally remedies for children with toothache
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Teeth can quickly become a painful area.  As an example, dental emergencies actually have access to a helicopter so that the patient can access the hospital quickly in case of a severe problem.  So you can easily imagine the extent of this pain!  What happens with children when they have toothache?  If sore teeth can floor an adult, for your child this pain can be even worse.  If your regular tooth brushing routine is doing nothing to help and you’d prefer to try some natural options to relieve the pain then here are 4 remedies you could try.  They could really help relieve your child’s toothache.

1) Homeopathy: Little balls for little mouths

Homeopathy is a great way to relieve toothache for children.  Lots of young children like taking these little balls which is an undeniable advantage and what’s more they have great a effect.  There is your child is suffering from toothache you could give them:

  • Phytolacca decandra for children that are suffering from pain caused by teeth growing in or gum pain;
  • China rubra combats toothache with every contact or while walking;
  • Chamomilla vulgaris this help with everything tooth pain related for adults as well;
  • Belladonna has great pain relief and anti-inflammatory virtues.
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2) Massages:  Gentleness combats pain

Massages are often very useful for children as it help to calm them down thanks to you simply being there, your attention and your tenderness.
So that they can start to feel better you can massage their cheeks for example, slowly and delicately while the are asleep on their back.  You can use a little clove essential oil to help your massage as long as the oil is diluted well with olive oil. A gum massage can also be a good idea if your child does yet have teeth. You can delicately massage their painful gums with or without a soothing gum cream (that you can find in your pharmacy) with well cleaned finger.

3) Amber: Soothing stones

Although the virtues of this natural resin have not been proven, many people use amber for it’s ability to calm children.  If you want to use a necklace or an amber bracelet, remember that you must always be present while your child is wearing this accessory.  You should then remove it when your child is alone or asleep. If not your child could risk being strangled or ingesting the beads. However, this natural product can be a good help in cases of dental pain (which is also true for adults).

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4) Ice bags: Yes… and no!

As adults we often turn to ice packs to help soothe areas where we are in pain which includes when we have toothache.  However although the ice helps to relieve the pain it can also worsen other underlying factors.  For example if you use ice to soothe pain caused by a decay then this can make the pain worse. It is therefore necessary to know the origin of the pain before using ice bags.

Final note

You always should try to understand where the pain comes from. When it comes toothache it’s the same process. Therefore you should ask your child – if they are old enough to speak – if their mouth has been hit, where are they hurting, in what way, and so on. You can then use these different remedies. Do not forget the fact that children do not have the same constitution as us. Thus, some essential oils, macerates and other plants are not always recommended.
However, if your child continues to suffer from toothache, do not wait too long before taking him to a specialist.

With that, take care of yourself, your children, and your teeth!

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