Naturally improve your concentration

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Naturally improve your concentration
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Lack of concentration, whether long term or temporary can be annoying in day to day life and at work.  If you often want to doze off at work,  here is a relaxation exercise which you can do to help improve your concentration? 

Concentration exercise

This exercise can be done standing up, either at home or at the office whenever you find a calm moment:

  • Place your feet parallel to one another and let your arms hang beside your body.
  • Work your breathing rhythm in 3 phases:  Take a slow breathe in, hold the breath for a few seconds then breathe out slowly.
  • During the in breath raise your arms horizontally so that your look at the your thumb nail.
  • During the moment that you hold the breath for a couple of seconds, take your thumbs close to your face while keeping your eyes fixed on them.  Don’t worry if this exercise makes you go cross-eyed.
  • During the phase of breathing out, lower your hands along your body  as if you are scanning the areas in front of them still very slowly.
  • Visualise exactly the areas where your hands pass, the mouth, the chin, the chest, the stomach, legs, feet and toes.

Repeat this exercise three time on the right side with your right hand and then three times on the left side with the left hand then again three times using both hands.  Each time that you finish an exercise, take a moment rest while keeping your eyes shut.  Let your breath slowly go back to normal.  Once you have finished taking a break you can move and stretch your arms, shoulders and legs.

Repeat these exercises several times per day if you need to as it will help you to concentrate better.


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