Blonde hair: Natural techniques to lighten your hair this summer

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Blonde hair: Natural techniques to lighten your hair this summer
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Are you looking for blonder hair this summer? It is always the dream to have tousled looking beach hair, especially when you’ve got dark blonde hair (some might call dirty blonde!).  However you don’t always fancy forking out an arm and a leg to go to the hairdressers.  Did you know there are many natural ways to lighten your hair using everyday ingredients?  Here are a few ideas to try out to naturally lighten hair.  Not only are they simple and effective but they also won’t break the bank.  

Honey and lemon mixture for blonder locks

honey and lemon
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All you need to do is mix water, honey and lemon juice together and then apply this mixture onto your wet hair and your scalp.  Add equal measures of each ingredient.  Now cover your hair with clingfilm and leave to rest for a couple of hours before rinsing.  As lemon juice dries out your hair your should also apply a natural or homemade conditioner to protect your hair and scalp.

Honey and lemons both have lightening effects on our hair.  What is more both have beneficial medicinal properties. Honey has anti-bacterial, regenerative and anti-fungal qualities while lemon is know for its healing and antiseptic powers.

If you want an even simpler method you can add lemon juice to your regular conditioner or coconut oil and apply onto your hair around 3 times per week.  You will soon start to see the effects.

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider
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Apple cider vinegar has multiple beneficial properties, in particular for your hair.  Not only can it  gradually lighten your luscious locks, it can also get rid of built up residue in your hair and your scalp.  If you live in an area with hard water, limescale deposits can be seen on your taps and kitchen appliances.  However these mineral residues can also build up in your hair.  This is why you should rinse with apple cider vinegar ever so often.  Mix one cup of vinegar to six cups of water and use this to rinse your hair. Apple cider vinegar can also help reduce hair loss and can help to tame and untangle frizzy hair.

Honey and Cinnamon

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When honey and cinnamon are mixed together it creates the perfect combination to lighten hair naturally.  If you leave the mixture to sit on your hair for long enough you will have visibly lighter hair after a number of uses. This is because tiny amounts of hydrogen peroxide are released from the honey when mixed with this sweet spice.

Mix one tablespoon of cinnamon to two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of olive oil.  You can add a touch of conditioner if your would like.  Leave the mixture to sit for around half an hour before apply this hair mask onto your hair.  Cover your hair with a shower cap or cling film and leave for four hours before rinsing your luscious locks as usual.  You can also leave this mixture in your hair overnight if you’d prefer.

Final note…

Although these natural remedies are effective at lightening hair don’t over use these recipes.  You should use these methods 3 times per week as a maximum as reduce your usage when you start noticing results.  Remember you don’t want to damage your lovely hair!


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