Natural organic remedies for eczema

Natural organic remedies for eczema
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Eczema is characterised by an inflammation of the skin, which is often very dry and can cause severe itching, redness and  flaking. To treat skin problems such as eczema, certain essential oils, especially organic products, can treat the symptoms. But which ones?

Essential oils make an effective treatment for eczema

Eczema is one of the most common skin problems, and affects both children and adults. Generally, eczema is caused by an allergy or by stress. Try to identify the triggers for your eczema in order to better treat it. By preference, choose organic essential oils.

In the case of allergies or suspected allergies, consult your doctor, an aromatherapist or a natural health practitioner who will screen for potential allergies to certain essential oils. The same goes for children, pregnant women or people on medication, for whom aromatherapy is often not recommended.

Lavender and ylang ylang essential oils for stress

In the case of stress-related eczema, it is important to relax. Spray a little lavender or ylang ylang essential oil in a room in which you relax regularly, for example in the evenings before going to bed, and this should help you sleep.

Essential oils to apply to the skin to relieve eczema

Never apply any essential oil directly to your skin, as many of them need to be diluted with another oily substance (sweet almond oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, etc.) or in your bath water. Be sure to read the paragraph above on allergies carefully! 

To treat eczema lesions, you can apply essential oils such as chamomile or palmarosa to the inflamed area.

Peppermint essential oil can also reduce itching, while geranium or tea tree essential oils, thanks to their antiseptic and wound healing properties, can treat and repair the skin.

Be patient and you will see the benefits of long term use of essential oils.

How should I use essential oils?

Never apply essential oils directly to the skin. Aromatherapists generally use a base oil. But certain people with eczema cannot tolerate oils or oily creams.

Therefore try evening primrose oil or starflower oil as a base with which to mix your essential oil of choice (2 drops). You can also add 2 or 3 drops to your bath water.

Certain aromatherapy laboratories offer non-oily creams made from essential oils, which are easy to use.