Natural mouth washes: Try out three great recipes

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Natural mouth washes: Try out three great recipes
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Do you regularly brush your teeth but you never seem to have a gleaming white smile?  Or perhaps you’d just like to clean your teeth more thoroughly?  Mouth washes are made especially for this purpose.  They allow you to regulate and improve your oral hygiene by really cleaning your entire mouth.  You can of course buy mouth washes in the super market or pharmacy however you can also make them yourself at home.  Here are three homemade recipes for mouth washes that you can try out!

1/ Bicarbonate of soda mouth wash

The bicarbonate of soda is a real miracle product as it can literally do everything!  It can be great for household chores from cleaning your bathroom to your floor however it can also be used in cosmetics and health care products!  What is more the ingredient is so easy to find.

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There literally is nothing simpler to make this mouth wash.  All you need is a glass of water and a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda.  Mix the teaspoon into the water.  Now gargle the mixture in your mouth for three to four minutes after you have brushed your teeth.  The bicarbonate of soda can combat bad breath and can remove tartar from your teeth!

2/ Reduce inflammation with salt

Salted water isn’t just good for unblocking your nose.  It is also great for cleaning your mouth.  Mouth washes made from salted water also help to reduce general inflammation in the mouth, especially after you have been to the dentist or after you have drunk an excessive amount of alcohol.

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All you need to do is to mix a good teaspoon of salt into glass of warm water.  Gargle this mixture for 3 to 4 minutes several times per day (morning, noon and night).

3/ Mouth wash made from essential oils

Essential oils should never be placed directly in your mouth.  However they can be mixed with a vegetable oil.

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Gather together a tablespoon of vegetable oil and one drop (or two depending on the size of your spoon) of your preferred essential oil.  Keep the mixture for at least 10 minutes in your mouth by swirling it around into all the corners of your mouth.  You need to try and get the mixture to pass between your teeth, under your tongue and between your lips and your gums.

You can use any vegetable of your choice from sesame, almond, olive or jojoba oil.  Whichever suits you the best.  As for the essential oil you can choose between:

  • Peppermint essential oil – combats dental bacteria
  • Sage essential oil – combats gums that are sensitive to bleeding
  • Clove essential oil – combats dental pains and bleeding.

Cloves have great properties for tooth ache and its properties have been used in remedies for a long time and continue to be used by dentists today.


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