Natural healing without leaving a scar is now possible!

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Natural healing without leaving a scar is now possible!
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Acne scars, injuries, skin problems, surgery scars: any injury can leave scars that can last for years after the problem has been treated. We can sometimes be very self conscious about deep scars that are difficult to hide or cover with makeup. But researchers have found a natural technique for healing the skin without scarring! 

Heal without scarring thanks to a special protein

Researchers in the University of Pennsylvania in the United States have discovered a protein that can heal the skin without leaving a scar. This protein is secreted by the bulbs of our body hairs, meaning it is 100% natural.

Despite deep wounds in the skin (from cuts, surgical stitches, etc.), this protein allows the skin to perfectly regenerate, without causing blisters that can lead to scars. However, scientists previously believed that this type of regeneration was impossible in mammals, because only fish and bacteria appeared to be able to heal in this way. However, the current study on mice and laboratory cultivated human skin has proven that the contrary is true.

A scar forms when a wound destroys the hair bulbs and the little fat reserves present on the skin. Without these two elements, the skin cannot regenerate and go back to looking normal. However, the protein discovered by the researchers allows for the fat reserves and hair bulbs to reform, rendering the skin as good as new!

The researchers are already planning for creams and wound dressings containing this protein.

Does this work on existing scars?

Yes and no: you need to hurry! In fact, this technique only functions when it is used between the 15th and 28th day following the injury. Beforehand is too soon and afterwards is too late.

In any case, this discovery shows that our skin has a far greater ability to regenerate than was previously believed!


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