Natural and organic remedies for stiff and sore muscles

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Natural and organic remedies for stiff and sore muscles
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Stiff and sore muscles, or delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) are generally caused by intense and inhabitual physical effort, or following suddenly taking up physical activity again after a break. But this can also occur as a result of a flu or another infectious illness. Fortunately, here are a few natural remedies to help you soothe the pain. 

St. John’s Wort organic vegetable oil

St. John’s Wort oil is very effective for soothing muscle stiffness and rheumatism. You can have complete confidence in what you buy if it is 100% organic.

Alternatively, you can make your own:

  • marinade 500 grams of fresh St. John’s Wort flowers in 1 litre of olive oil
  • expose the mixture to sunlight for 3 weeks
  • next, strain the mixture by squeezing the flowers
  • pour the liquid into sterilised flasks which have been left to dry naturally
  • apply it to the affected areas in massaging movements

Be careful to avoid sun exposure afterwards, as you run the risk of getting sunburned.

Verbena with organic wine vinegar

To make the remedy:

  • crush a handful of fresh organic verbena officinalis
  • boil it in a glass of organic wine vinegar for a few seconds
  • strain the leaves
  • when it has cooled a little, apply it by rubbing it vigorously to anywhere you have muscle pains

Honey: a 100% natural remedy for muscle pains

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Honey has countless benefits, and in particular it is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. This is why it is very useful in the case of muscle pains. Its anti-inflammatory properties are effective for relieving pain, you simply need to consume it regularly to avoid cramps and muscle stiffness.

Honey is widely used in cosmetics, because it can regenerate the skin, soften the lips and fight against blackheads

Olive oil massage

Like honey, olive oil has natural and effective anti-inflammatory properties, and it is often used by athletes to relax their muscles after doing sport.

Choose an organic extra virgin olive oil, applying a few drops to the areas of muscle soreness, massaging it in to soothe or prevent pain. Be careful to avoid sun exposure afterwards as you run the risk of getting sunburned.

Warm up

One of the best natural remedies for preventing muscle stiffness after exercise is to make sure to warm up before you get started, and to make sure to stretch out at the end of the session.


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