Sex: The 7 most frequently asked questions on Google

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Sex: The 7 most frequently asked questions on Google
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Nowadays we often ask Google to answer any questions we have been wondering about and this includes sex.  Whatever your question the internet will always come back with a response.  Here are 7 of the most common questions about sex asked on the search engine! 

1) Where can you find the G-spot?

For those who understand female anatomy, the G-spot is located inside the vagina about 5 cm from the entrance against the wall separating it from the bladder.

2) How can you make a woman have an orgasm?

The majority of woman have a clitoris orgasms as a vaginal orgasm (G-spot) is generally quite difficult to reach.  For women, foreplay is an indispensable and important stage for having an orgasm.

3) Can we grow our penis?

The only way you can have a bigger penis is with surgery but the operation is not always a success and the aesthetic result is not always guaranteed.  There aren’t any natural ways to grow a penis so the best way to satisfy your partner, is to use what you’ve got, gentlemen!

4) How is a penis measured?

From adolescence, measuring your penis becomes almost an obsession for men.  The best way to measure a penis is to use a stiff ruler.  Measure the base of the penis below the bladder to the tip, both when it is resting and during an erection.

5) How old do you have to be to buy a condom?

In Britain there is no age restriction for buying condoms.  You can also pick up condoms for free from the doctors surgery, health clinics, contraception clinics, further education colleges and young people’s clinics.

6) How do you penetrate a woman?

Young men can be a bit lost when it comes to this moment. Even the simplest of actions can require a bit of technique.  You could perhaps consult our articles on sex positions to give you some inspiration.

7) What is the average length of time for having sex?

According to a study carried out in 2016, sexual relations lasted on average 5.4 minutes (depending on the men between 33 and 44 seconds). According to an other study in 2008, the ideal time for having sex is between 7 and 13 minutes.  Any ore than that, both or one of the two will become bored!


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