Moisturisers: 4 things to check before you buy

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Moisturisers: 4 things to check before you buy
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There is nothing like a good moisturiser to keep your skin looking young and beautiful! However, in the field of cosmetics, there is such a wide and varied range of products, that it can seem impossible to know which ones to trust! Here are 4 things that will help you choose, based on tests carried out by French consumer agency, Que Choisir (“What to choose”).

1) Watch out for undesirable ingredients!

According to tests carried out by Que Choisir, the following undesirable ingredients are present in cosmetic products and especially in moisturisers:

  • two endocrine disruptors: propylparaben, a preservative, and cyclopentasiloxane, an emollient.
  • methylisothiazolinone: a preservative that is so irritating that it has been banned in certain countries in products that are not rinsed off.
  • solar filters (especially ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, an allergen)

They advise against buying creams with UV protection.

2) The more claims on the packaging, the less effective the product

According to Que Choisir, the moisturisers with the highest number of claims such as “hypoallergenic”, “dermatologically tested”, “suitable for sensitive skin”, etc., tended to be the products containing the most allergens. The agency specified that “the most inflated claims seem to be intended to camouflage the ineffectiveness of their products, because the best creams in our latest test are distinguished by the sobriety of their claims and their packaging”.

3) Price is not a gauge of quality

When we look at the price, especially with branded moisturisers, we logically expect to get a better quality product if we pay more, than if we go for budget products. However, according to several tests, the most expensive creams are no more effective for hydrating the skin.

On the contrary, during testing carried out in 2014 on 14 BB creams and 2 CC creams (containing more pigment), it was the three cheapest products evaluated that were considered the best products, in terms of both hydrating properties and containing the fewest number of undesirable ingredients.

The various moisturisers were tested in the laboratory and blind tests were completed by a panel of consumers. Even the deluxe moisturiser priced at 4,500 euros per litre was ranked among the bottom two creams of the 20 that were tested! This study showed that one of the lowest price creams obtained the best results (in terms of moisturising effectiveness and cosmetic qualities).

4) Are creams in pots less effective than creams in tubes?

Although Que Choisir did not focus its tests on the correlation between the packaging and the presence of undesirable substances, it specified that creams in pots contain more preservatives than creams in tubes, and thus more undesirable and chemical substances.

When the pot is opened, the cream is more exposed to bacteria (from the air, from your fingers, etc.) than creams that come in tubes. This is why creams in pots require more preservatives to be added.


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