Mobile phones: 4 harmful effects on our health

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You have to admit it, we never put our mobile phone down! So much so that some of us have developed a fear, called nomophobia.  This new phobia describes the complete anxiety of losing your smartphone.  We all know the everyday benefits of these technological gadgets, but they can still impact our health. Here are 4 harmful effects that our mobile phones can have on our lives.

Current scientific research might not have revealed everything about mobile phones and their risks but it is clear that this new technology has taken over our lives.  It is also threatening our physical and mental health including neck and back pain, eye problems and depression.  The list of negative effects is long!

The risks mobile phones can cause to our health

Using a mobile phone too often can often affect the neck first.  The simple action of using your phone is the same as carrying 27 kg on your neck (the equivalent to the weight of an 8 year old child!) Watching your mobile screen can also impact you spine.  When your head is bent at a 60° angle it pulls your vertebrae and could lead to serious back problems.

Medical professionals keep hammering it into us.  It is dangerous to sleep next to mobile phone that is switched on.  The real risks of waves are not exactly known but it could affect the brain in the long term.

We know that if we use mobiles or tablets before going to bed the blue light that they emit can prevent the body from creating enough melatonine so you can sleep.  Doctors recommend a calm activity like reading to help you fall asleep.

Mobile phones also weaken our hands and our fingers and can cause eye problems. Many symptoms can indicate a decreasing eyesight over time such as tingling, burning, tiredness or headaches.

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1/ Smartphones harm our social interactions

Have you noticed that an increasing number of couple and families going to restaurants “to spend some quality time” end up each with their phone out reading their messages? Mobile phone are having a harmful effect on our social interactions!

You need to disconnect from your phone for a few hours per week so that you can make the most of the present moment with your friends and family.  Put your phone away during Sunday lunch with the family or on a Saturday night with your friends. They won’t be sending you any messages as they are all around you!

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2/ They don’t let us appreciate the present

Carpie diem. Maybe you know this Latin saying that means “Make the most of the present.” Well our phones can do everything but that. When we go away for the weekend or on holiday, our first reflex is to take out our phone so that we can take photos to send to our friends and family or post on social media.  It is good to take photos but it is more important to take a mental image that you can keep in your memory forever!

By looking carefully at the countryside, you will be able to describe your romantic getaway in more detail.

3/ They make us procrastinate

One of the main negative effects of using a mobile phone is that it stops us from concentrating.  Between the phone calls and constant messaging, the mail notifications and applications of every variety, it can easily lead us astray from our initial goal.  So that you can avoid being interrupted, you should leave your phone on silent in your bag or put it in the cloakroom at the entrance.

4/ Try and clean your phone regularly!

According to several studies, our mobile phone screens are dirtier than our toilets.  Apparently they are teeming with bacteria, mold and yeasts, which can have negative consequences on our health. Smartphone can cause skin problems, such as acne. Microscopic bacteria found on the screens can mix with the oil in our skin, makeup and the heat emanating from the device. The combination of these elements could clog pores and cause skin inflammation.

So that you can limit the amount of bacteria, you should clean you telephone once a week at least with a alcohol based wipe.

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