Men’s top five places to have sex

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According to online dating site Meetic, men are big fans of making love in at least 8 different locations besides the bed, each as different as they are unusual! Whether it means breaking out of routine, or just spicing up your sex life as the weather gets a little better, any excuse is a good one to try out somewhere new!

In the shower or the bath

The bathroom is a private place, and the shower or bath are associated with feelings of relaxation and well-being -in short, the ideal atmosphere for making love, whether it’s in the shower, in the bath or just afterwards, with your bodies all hot and steamy…

In the car -a classic!

Obviously, there are more comfortable environments, but having sex in a car has a certain raw appeal about it and also feels a little naughty. Some people may worry about getting caught, but this only seems to add to the arousal.

Out in nature

Have most couples made the most of the absolute tranquility and romance of nature, to give themselves over to pleasures of the flesh? Obviously, in the story of Adam and Eve, nature was luxurious and abundant around them, and they used the soft grass as a bed. So why not give it a go yourself?

At work

Many men, (and also women), fantasize about the idea of making love in their place of work -something that is generally against the rules and which is therefore a big turn-on.

In a lift

We don’t know whether it’s to do with the feeling of weightlessness when the lift ‘takes off’ or whether it’s to do with the extreme body to body proximity that happens in this little metal box, but sex in a lift is clearly a common fantasy. Confusing the seventh floor with seventh heaven!

In the cinema

Darkness and proximity: two factors that seem to inspire the fantasy of having sex in the cinema. We can’t help but be reminded of the famous scene with the hole in the box of popcorn in the movie American Pie!

In the toilets of a public place

On this one, men and women don’t share the same desires! But for men (and a small number of women), apparently the idea of having sex in the toilets of a restaurant, bar or nightclub is a big turn on.

On a pool table

Few people have done so but many have dreamed of it: making love on a pool table. For sure if a guy keeps missing the pocket because he’s too busy looking up the skirt of the girl at the next table, he’s going to start getting ideas!

But be warned: be discreet! There’s no fun in getting done for indecent exposure…..


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