Wanting to go veggie? Here are five great meat replacements

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Wanting to go veggie? Here are five great meat replacements
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Stopping eating meat can feel like quite a hassle! Whatever your reasons whether it is ecological, health related, philosophical or just simply to reduce the amount of meat you eat, they are all good reasons.  However now you are going to have to throw yourself into finding a replacement. There isn’t one simple type of meat replacement.  This is why we’re going to give you 5 foods that are great alternatives for meat in your favourite dishes. 

Becoming vegetarian is not always easy.  We often think that we are going to be starved or that we are going to have to take chemical substitutes.  However this is not the case.  Proteins found in meat can be easily substituted.  They are not just found in animals but they can also be found in plants.  So you should let go of your prejudices and go veggie.

1) King of kings: Tofu

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Yes tofu is worth eating!
A staple in Asian cooking, it’s neutral flavour will manage to win you over.  You can add delicious flavours to your tofu dishes.  You can even marinade it and discover new flavours.
Tofu which is an extract of soya is rich in protein (8 g in every 100 g), iron and calcium.  You can get blocks of tofu which are smooth, smoked or garlic infused. Whatever you like you will be won over by it’s flexibility.

2) Pulse are great substitutes for meat

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  • Lentils (red, green, black) ;
  • Beans (pink, red, white, black, coconut, mung, flageolet, cornille);
  • Peas (split, chick, soy, whole);
  • Peanut ;
  • Broad beans

They are all a good source of protein.  The wide variety of pulses means that your dishes can be vibrant and attractive.  We all know what looks good will taste good too!
Rich in iron and magnesium, there are many different ways to cook these pulses.  It’s up to you to find out what you like best!

3) Seitan: Buddha food

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Made for hundreds of years in China by monks, this “Buddha food” – or “vegetable meat” – will surprise you with it’s texture which is very similar to…. meat obviously.
Made from wheat flour and spelled, it contains a lot of gluten, but is rich in protein (75 g per 100 g), minerals and vitamins.
If you’re nostalgic for Wednesday night’s steak, try out seitan!

4) Tempeh: Richer than meat

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Made from fermented soybeans, tempeh is native to Indonesia. It is either plain, or smoked but whichever you choose it is very rich in protein, and even more than meat. When you use tempeh, you won’t lack any protein or flavour in your dishes!
Cubed or sausages, your guests will be delighted by these classics revisited vegan style!

5) Similicarbons: Your favourite dishes are not far away

nugget vegan connoisseurusveg
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Meat-like foods can be made from soy, lupine and other vegetable based products. Everything goes whether it is veggie “cold meat”, nuggets, dumplings…. Although you are cooking with pulses or vegetables, it is easy to think that you are eating meat.
This type of food product is good to choose when making the transition to a meat-free diet.

Last words 

You shouldn’t be ashamed to eat meat and don’t force yourself to stop. However, try and chose produce which is respectful to the environment and avoid major brands where animal origins are potentially questionable. The transition to a more vegetarian diet or totally vegetarian diet can be complicated. But if you really want to stop, anything is possible.   We are there to support whatever you decide.


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