Manage stress with food: the benefits of naturopathy

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Manage stress with food: the benefits of naturopathy
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Although it is not yet widely recognised, naturopathy is becoming more common in Europe and worldwide. It is a type of natural medicine practiced by trained professional, certified by naturopathy bodies in their respective countries. 

What is naturopathy? And what is it for?

A naturopath will educate their patients about natural methods that they can apply in order to stay in good health. They will provide recommendations in relation to nutrition, physical exercise and how to listen to your body. 

Naturopathy aims to collect information about a person and their symptoms. For example, a naturopath will look into your stress levels, emotions, relationships and lifestyle habits, as these are the factors that impact upon health. 

It is considered a scientifically based approach, and intended to complement traditional medicine. After a doctor has made a diagnosis and prescribed treatment, a naturopath will determine the factors (environmental, psychological, etc.) that are at the source of the patient’s health problem. They will then suggest dietary or behavioural changes, and they may recommend certain natural remedies.

What happens in naturopathy?

Phytotherapy, nutritional therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture and stress management techniques are the most common techniques used in naturopathy.

Naturopaths are officially and professionally trained by private professional training bodies in almost all countries in Europe, in the United States, Canada, Australia and Latin America.

At the end of a consult, the naturopath will draw up an individualised health management programme. They will not offer any diagnosis, but they will give a healthy lifestyle programme to follow, which fits in with your doctor’s advice.

Certain health insurance providers may cover partial costs.


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