Make your own natural carrot soap: easy to make and good for your skin

Make your own natural carrot soap: easy to make and good for your skin
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Soap is the most commonly used daily hygiene product, whether it’s for the body, the face or the hands. But as you know, the majority of hygiene products and classic cosmetics that you buy in stores contain chemicals that irritate the skin. Here is a recipe for a 100% natural and organic soap you can make yourself, which provides essential nutrients for your skin. 

Ingredients and the benefits of natural carrot soap

To get the best out of your carrot soap, go for organic ingredients.


  • 300 mls coconut oil
  • 400 mls olive oil
  • 100 mls almond oil
  • 200 mls cooking water from carrots
  • 100 g puréed carrots
  • 110 g of soap flakes using Marseille soap (Savon de Marseille) or Aleppo soap (Savon d’Alep) which are pure and natural
  • ½ spoon of honey
  • 10 drops of carrot essential oil


Carrot and honey give the soap a powerful hydrating and anti-ageing action.
It is also ideal for oily skin or skin that is prone to acne, as well as for dry skin.

The carrots, rich in beta-carotene, and the honey have antioxidant properties which contribute to the regeneration of damaged cells and prevent cell ageing caused by free radicals in the body. These ingredients provide great protection against UV rays and environmental pollution. The honey and carrots also speed up skin healing and improve the appearance of scars.

Furthermore, the beta carotene contained in carrots acts as a natural self tanning agent, without  ever needing to go out in the sun. However, be careful not to overdo it, to ensure you don’t end up with slightly orange skin!


In this recipe, we have replaced caustic soda with pure and natural Marseille or Aleppo soap, in order to avoid any unpleasant reactions and the risks associated with working with caustic soda. Ideally use wooden utensils.

  • Put 100 grams of carrot on the boil in a pot of water. Once they are cooked, crush the carrots to make a puree, but keep the cooking water.
  • Put the puréed carrots and 200 mls of the cooking water into a separate pot. Mix and keep on a low heat.
  • Melt the soap flakes in a bain marie, and add the honey and the three vegetable oils. Add in the carrot mix, while it is hot. The second the mixture becomes oily, stir it very well with a whisk.
  • Take it off the heat and add the carrot essential oil last, because this should not be heated.
  • Pour the mixture into a soap mold, and leave it to harden for anything from a half a day to 2 days before taking it out of the mold.

Then your soap will be ready to use for your daily hygiene needs!

To keep it for a long time, store it dry in a sealed container.

Source : Améliore ta Santé, Aromathérapie Huiles Essentielles