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Lithotherapy: What are the benefits of stones and minerals?

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Lithotherapy: What are the benefits of stones and minerals?
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There are lots of types of stones and minerals but some are more precious than others as they are renowned for their beauty, their specific features and benefits.  Lithotherapy is an alternative medicine which uses the benefits and energetic forces of stones and minerals to have an effect on energetic points of your body called “chakras”.  Lithotherapy has been practiced since the Middle Ages particularly in India, China, Mongolia and Tibet.

Stones that have an effect on your body and mind

According to lithotherapy, each stone or mineral has specific energetic vibrations linked to it’s chemical composition and it’s colour.  If the stone is placed in a room or in contact with the skin next to a chakra the stone will give off an energy which will effect everyone differently.

For example, labradorite (also known as moonstone) is a stone known for it’s protective powers.  This stone absorbs and dissolves negative energies and acts as a type of shield.  If it is worn around the neck near to the heart or throat chakra, labradorite can encourage new relationships and brings inner harmony and happiness with others.

In order to harmonise the energy in a room or place, it is recommended to place a bowl of labradorite stones on a piece of furniture and clean it regularly so that the can keep cleansing the room.  Labradorite stone take it’s name from the region in Canada called Labrador where it was discovered in 1770.

Madagascar Labradorite – Credits : Awiejekeal – Wikimedia

Labradorite can display various and surprising colours like green, blue and even metallic glints, thanks to an adularescence effect, also called the “Schiller phenomenon”.  This mirror effect is linked to different layers which make up the stone.  The main deposits of labradorite are found in Australia, Canada, United States, France, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia and Ukraine.  What is the best way to wear this stone?  Around the neck of course!

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