List of dangerous additives to avoid when you go grocery shopping

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List of dangerous additives to avoid when you go grocery shopping
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A group of journalists and nutritionists set themselves the task of analysing the 338 additives that are authorised in Europe. According to their analysis, there are 90 additives on the list that should be avoided at all costs!

90 food additives to avoid at all costs!

Following the publication of a guide published in 2016 on how to make the best choices in the supermarket, a group of journalists and nutritionists decided to focus on researching the dangers present in artificial colours, phosphates, nitrates and emulsifiers in industrial products. Manufacturers, being aware of the content of these guides, feature the additive codes on packaging less and less, replacing them with names (for example, E1403 is called “modified maize starch” or E621 is called “monosodium glutamate”.

According to the new guide, one in four additives (90 out of 338) are likely to cause health problems if they are consumed regularly or in high quantities. They can cause behaviour problems, cell alterations or changes in intestinal flora.

Among the products analysed, the 0% sugar products contained among the highest concentrations of potentially dangerous food additives, with around 8 different types found in them (thickeners, gelling agents, sweeteners, etc.).

Additives that should be avoided by pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children

Pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as children should avoid consuming foods containing the following additives:

  • E214, or ethylparaben: present in flour, crackers, processed deli meats and confectionary, this is an endocrine disruptor.
  • E520 and E559, or aluminium sulphates: present in drinking water. Acceptable limits vary between countries.
  • Sodium phosphate: present in cheeses, soups, ready meals, children’s milks, instant coffee and certain organic and gluten free foods

Additives that are dangerous for everyone

It is highly recommended that you avoid buying and consuming foodstuffs -generally processed foods -that contain these additives, which are dangerous for everyone’s health:

  • E432, E433, E434, E435, E466: these are the most harmful texturising agents, and it is even more important to avoid them if you suffer from diabetes, glucose intolerance, intestinal or autoimmune diseases.
  • E102, E134: artificial colours which are highly present in sweets and children’s foods. They are suspected of promoting hyperactivity and behaviour problems.
  • E150c, E150d: artificial colours classed as carcinogenic for humans.

Safe additives that pose no risk to your health

The guide also provides a list of products that you can buy and consume safely:

  • E460, E461, E462, E465: present in potato-based gnocchi, dried fruits and pasta.


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