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Letting go: Ways to help you relax

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Letting go: Ways to help you relax
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Letting go and embarking on an idea or project without meticulous planning beforehand can be exciting and scary at the same time.  In this article we’ll look at ways to help you relax and let go of any insecurities and stresses. The French author Paul-Henri Pion focused on this concept in his book “Lâcher prise {Letting go}” which was published in October 2018. 

What does letting go involve?

Letting go involves being in less control of your life and those around you. It is also the ability to accept things that happen and take things as they come.  This means that you aren’t overwhelmed by problems and are able to take a step back to look at the issue from a new perspective
Paradoxically, we can still remain in control of what we want to do even if we have less control over factors which can alter our lives.  We can remain in control by understanding how our work, family and friends impact our life and by stopping the need to organise everything around us.  Instead of accepting a situation we don’t like we can adapt ourselves to this outcome. 
This is perhaps the most important concept.  We should be able to adapt to the world so that we can find our place in it.

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Why do we find it difficult to change?

Change is often something that frightens us. If you ask any person in the world that works as a therapist they will tell you the same thing.  Change is frightening as it means you are taking a step into the unknown and especially a change that means you are altering your usual habits.

In his book, Paul-Henri Pion’s says “by creating habits, the brain takes the motorway instead of looking for alternative routes.”  These alternative routes are of course those paths that can create a change in your life.  These new paths allow you to confront new situations that you are able to adapt to.  Motorways don’t change. They take you on a direct route without too many bumps along the way.  However country lanes give you a new perspective and take you on an unknown adventure!

However habits can be difficult to break.  You need to let go if you want to try and change your habits.  You need to understand that other paths exist and that not everything depends on us.

How do you let go?

You shouldn’t confuse letting go with an “I don’t care” attitude.  Letting go involves accepting a situation while the other involves a negative and uninterested approach.
If you let go in your personal life, at work or in a relationship it is so you can improve your situation.  You need to concentrate on yourself on what you feel about the situation, what you want to do and what think is best.   You need to take enough of a step back so that you don’t feel too overwhelmed while still putting yourself at the centre of the equation.  From this new position you can have a different perspective about the situation.  You are now able to see how best to make a decision so that we can live the way we want.
By seeing the small paths that open to us we can finally develop our creativity, freedom and well-being. 


Final words

In his book, Paul-Henri Pion offers exercises to help you learn how to let go.  This ability to let go seems increasingly necessary in today’s society.  The world moves quickly as do the people around us.  So that you are not caught up by the speed of society you need to be able to let go and take a step back.

The best thing to remember is that the little paths in your life can lead to unexpected places.  Don’t always feel you need to take the highway!

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