Lavender essential oil: more than 5 health benefits

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Lavender essential oil: more than 5 health benefits
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Insomnia, anxiety, hair loss, and more…. There are so many cases in which lavender essential oil can come to the rescue. According to a study published in 2012, lavender essential oil has therapeutic effects, especially in the cases of stress and anxiety, but that is not all. Here are 5 of its health benefits.

1) Lavender essential oil for stress and anxiety

Smelling lavender essential oil can have soothing effects equivalent to an anti-anxiety medication, diazepam.

Diffused in the air or applied as a massage, it can reduce stress, agitation and aggression in stressful situations (isolation, admission to an intensive care unit, awaiting or after medical intervention), in people who are exposed to it voluntarily or involuntarily.

According to Asian researchers, lavender essential oil can reduce blood pressure and certain physiological markers of stress such as cortisol levels.

2) Lavender essential oil: a natural remedy for insomnia

Taken orally in the form of capsules, lavender essential oil can be effective for improving sleep in people who suffer from anxiety. It can be as effective as certain anti-anxiety medications.

Its soothing and relaxing properties are known for naturally combating insomnia. For example, a bath perfumed with lavender essential oil can reduce agitation and promote deep sleep in babies, by comparison to an unperfumed bath.

Several studies have confirmed the efficacy of lavender essential oil when it is diffused in the air in the bedroom, for promoting sleep in people who suffer from mild insomnia.

3) Lavender essential oil for hair loss

According to a study published in 1999, lavender essential oil associated with other essential oils (thyme, rosemary, etc.) can stimulate hair growth after 7 months of treatment.

4) Lavender essential oil for preventing falls in older people

According to another study, lavender essential oils can improve balance and thus reduce falls in older people. For a period of one year, a pad soaked in lavender essential oil was attached to the collar of people’s clothes who lived in a medical residence, and led to a 43% reduction in the number of falls.

5) Lavender essential oil for digestive problems

The European Commission have approved the internal use of infusions made from lavender essential oil for treating certain stress-related digestive problems:

  • dyspepsia (indigestion),
  • intestinal discomfort,
  • bloating, etc.

What are the contra-indications?

Consult a medical professional or an aromatherapist before using essential oils or other natural remedies in order to ensure there are no contra-indications (allergies, pregnancy, breastfeeding, medical treatment, being too young, etc.). You can also ask the advice of a naturopath or an aromatherapist as regards recommended dosage and directions for use


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