It’s been proven that laughing is good for your health!

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It’s been proven that laughing is good for your health!
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Although this idea might seem crazy, it is true! Laughing allows you to de-stress, combats anxiety and helps your memory.  So why suppress your laughter?  Whether it is gelotherapy, laughing yoga, a comedy show or a funny film, it is all good for your health!  

Laughing is good for your body 

When we laugh our whole body moves, our blood pressure lowers and our muscles relax. Our cardio rhythm accelerates and our heart beats faster so that we can eventually slow down.  Our breathing therefore becomes deeper. It is clear that being able to breath well is important.  We exhale a large quantity of air, until the respiratory system becomes deprived of oxygen. So as to compensate for this, our whole respiratory system opens so that our in breaths and exhalations are three or even four times greater than normal.

Some studies have also shown the impact of laughing on our immune system. Big belly laughs will increase the quality of immunoglobulin in your body which are proteins which fight viruses and bacteria found in our body.

In contrast to what you might imagine, laughter relaxes our muscles. This is why our head bends and our legs become loose and we can burst out with a “roll of the floor” laugh. Even our stiff jaw muscles become relaxed.

Laughter improves our memory

According to a study carried our on 20 people aged between 60 and 70 years old, laughter can have a positive effect on our memory.  After being shown extracts of funny films, the participant of the study sat a memory test.

Researchers discovered that those laughing had a better learning capacity.  They also saw that they had an improved memory.  Our memory is the first thing to decline with age which often makes us forget information we have just heard.

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Laughter can relieve us of stress 

A Japanese study published in August 2018 showed the physical and psychological effects of a “laughing yoga” session.  The participants had a 45 minute session every month for six months.  After each session, those laughing sat a test to measure there humour and the psychological state.  Researchers also took blood samples from each participant.

The results from the test and the blood samples were surprising.  According to the results, the laughing yoga session had positive psychological effects as the participants were much more relaxed, less anxious and had more energy.  

The blood sample analysis showed a clear decrease in cortisol levels (the stress hormone), which implies that laughing can make you less stressed after each session.

Laughing can keep you slim 

When we laugh our whole body works out.  A laughing person will increase their metabolic expenses meaning they will use more calories than if they are resting. Doctor Maciej Buchowski advises to laugh for at least 10 to 15 minutes per day so that you can lose up to 40 calories.  This is the equivalent to 2 kg per year

Laughing is good for us all.  You should never hold in a laugh even if you are in public.  Laughter is communicative and people around you will also start to giggle!  So what are you waiting for, have some fun and laugh! 


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