Lack of sex: 8 serious problems it can cause in men

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Lack of sex: 8 serious problems it can cause in men
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Although some people abstain from sex by choice, others end up abstaining despite their best efforts! In both cases, the lack of sex can have consequences for both physical and mental health. Regular love-making reduces the risks of developing serious illnesses and even cancer. Here is a quick rundown of the risks….

The reasons for choosing abstinence are different for everyone – some may be doing it as therapy, others may be taking a break from a life of excess, or others may be doing so for religious reasons. However, what is for sure is that there are increasing numbers of people choosing this way of life. Studies linked to abstinence however show that it isn’t a great idea, as it can lead to erectile problems, stress, premature or delayed ejaculation. The symptoms are numerous. 

1. Twice the number of erectile problems

Studies have shown that having less sex can lead to a reduction in the secretion of testosterone. Abstinence can thus lead to erectile problems. One such study concluded that abstainers have a 50% higher chance of presenting with erectile dysfunction than sexually active men.

2. Penile atrophy

Like any muscle, the penis needs to be regularly exercised in order to function properly. In the case of abstinence from sex, the nervous system which sends arousal signals and the circulatory system which irrigates the penis, are no longer required.

3. A risk of developing prostate cancer

A sex “fast” can damage the prostate, to the extent that it can potentially even lead to the development of cancer. Research in the area has shown that men who have more sex have a healthier prostate. In fact, men should ejaculate at least 21 times per month in order to reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer by 22%. 

4. Poorer quality sperm

Science has highlighted sexual abstinence as a factor in poor quality sperm. In fact, it was believed for many years that men who wanted to pro-create should abstain from sex for a week or more before their partners were ovulating, in order to improve the quality of their sperm. However, recent studies have shown that a lack of sex reduces the chances of conceiving a child.