Knee pain: 4 tips to relieve pain naturally

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Knee pain: 4 tips to relieve pain naturally
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After a fracture, sprain, or torn ligament or cartilage,  knee pain can continue for several months to several years after the trauma or possibly after a surgical operation.  How can you relieve knee pain naturally? 

1) Do exercise

If your doctor gives you the go ahead you can do exercises to improve the muscles around your knee.  Your knee functions thanks to ligaments and muscles.  When your muscles are strengthened, you can support your body weight and movements better.

You can for example walk for 30 minutes per day or practice floor based exercises like the plank, scissors etc…

2) Change sport

If you are a fan of football, rugby, jogging, trail running or other sports which are having a negative effect on your knee, you should think about trying a new hobby.  You should instead choose more gentler physical activities like swimming, cycling, yoga or rowing.

3) Apply ice packs

If you feel pain after doing physical activity or during a break while doing physical activity you should apply a cold compress onto your knee once your have returned home for 10 to 15 minutes and raise up your knees. Ice is a powerful anti-inflammatory which can help to relieve the pain quickly and naturally.

4) Never underestimate the importance of stretching

Regardless of your age, stretching exercises are effective at relieving knee pain because it can strengthen muscles and soften joint movements.

Pilates, yoga and gymnastics are just some of the sports that can help you to become more flexible.  On YouTube, you can find stretching exercise videos that are explained by a sports professional.

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