Kamasutra for beginners: 8 easy positions

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Kamasutra for beginners: 8 easy positions
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Here are 8 easy position for those who’d like to discover Kamasutra and who’d like to spice up their sex life.  There are even some great positions for those who who are not very flexible or who are a little tired! 

1) The Hedonist

The woman gets herself into a doggy-style position that is slightly lowered. The man is behind her but on his side in an almost perpendicular fashion.  In this position you can both keep the rhythm.

2) The Pie

The pie position allows you to passionately kiss.  The man is sat on a chair while the woman passionately straddles him with their faces in contact.

3) The Tortoise

The man lies on his back while the woman lies on top facing her partner, with her legs slightly apart.  This is a position full of tenderness and is ideal for those who are feeling a little lazy!

4) The Wolf

The woman is standing and places her hands against the wall, on a chair or on the bed.  The man is behind her while strongly holding her hips.  This is a practical position as the woman can remain half dressed, perfect if you are in a hurry!

5) The Cowgirl

The man lies on his back, while the woman saddles her partner with her back to him.  He will have a better view of her beautiful bottom which is more easily accessible.

6) The Deckchair

The woman lies on her back slightly raised by a cushion while her partner kneels in front of her and leans on her hands,his head and shoulder backwards. She places her legs on the shoulders of her partner, he is the one who leads the pace.

7) The Square

The woman lies on her back and raises her legs to allow her partner to lie perpendicularly to her, so he can stimulate her during penetration.

8) The Tackle

The woman kneels on a cushion on the ground with her head and shoulders against the sofa.  The man lies against her back. Partners can kiss and stimulate each other because they are very close.


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