Kamasutra: 10 daring sex positions to take things one step further

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Kamasutra: 10 daring sex positions to take things one step further
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If you are getting a bit bored of the classic sex positions perhaps you’d be interested to learn some new, more daring ones to spice up your sex life.  Here are 10 special kamasutra positions you and your partner can try out.  Watch out, some are fairly sporty so your need to be in good shape! 

1) The necklace of Venus

The woman lies on a table and places her feet on the shoulders of her lover who is facing toward her.  He holds his partner firmly by the feet.  This position allows a deep penetration which is ideal for stimulating the Deep Spot.

2) The Wolf

The man stands behind his partner who bends forward and he holds her by the waist.  The woman can then stand on her tip toes and the man can bend his knees so they are at the perfect height.

3) The Gunman

The man kneels while the woman faces him while lying on her back and then places her feet on his shoulders.  Now he can raise his partner and hold the position to improve the stimulation.

4) The 69

Both partners place there mouth towards the vagina or penis of their partner so as to stimulate each simultaneously.  This is the best position for sexy foreplay.

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5) Lawyers tie

The man lies of his back and spreads his legs while his partner kneels between his legs and stimulates her partners penis with her breasts.  Lubricant could help this movement.

6) The wheel

Both partners are in the missionary position and slowly the man pivots his penis towards his partner by going over his partner and turning until back in the missionary position again.  This position can stimulate many erogenous points of the penis and the vagina.

7) The drill

The woman does a head stand while bending her legs.  Her partner holds her legs by maintaining hold of her lower back.  He then stand between partners thighs.  Obviously the women is pressing down on her hands so won’t be able to maintain this position very long.

8) Scissors

The woman lies down with her back on a table, she raises her legs and her partner places himself between her thighs and hold her by the hips.  In this position the man has plenty opportunity to stroke and touch his partner.

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9) Throw back

The man is sat on a chair and his partner is sat on top of his lap facing him. She bents her bust backwards so as to give her partner the space for any necessary movement.

10) Backward lotus

The woman lies on her back and raises her legs holding onto her ankles.  Her partner leans on one arm to penetrate and with the other free hand can stimulate his partner’s clitoris.


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