Kama sutra: Top 10 positions for reaching the G Spot outside of the bed

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Have you a secret desire to try out some new sexual positions? Here is a Top 10 of the easiest positions to do to get out of your usual bedroom routine, which are great for spicing things up a little! 

1) The square

The woman lies on the table, her bum near the edge, with her partner standing facing her, between her legs. Ideal for reaching the G spot. 

2) The swing


He is sitting on a chair, feet on the floor, with his partner sitting on top of him, facing him, giving them the freedom to play around until they find the movements that work best….

3) The somersault

The woman, lying on her back, takes her weight on her hands which are placed on the floor by her sides, to raise her hips and bring her feet up to either side of her head. Her partner goes on his knees in front of her, holding her buttocks, while he penetrates her, looking for the G spot. 

4) Panda hug

In the grass, on sand, on the ground, wherever! Both partners lie on their sides in the head-to-foot position (the man’s head at the woman’s feet, and vice versa), and the man places himself between the woman’s legs to penetrate her. Without the absorption of a mattress, the lovers can fully control their movements.

5) The mysterious interview

Standing up either at home or in the outdoors, the man stands behind the woman to stimulate her with his hand, and she arches her back to allow him to enter her, both parties helping with their hands to raise her up and keep her in position.

This position is multi-orgasminc as it helps reach the G spot and the clitoris at the same time, to double the pleasure.

6) The acrobat

He sits on a chair or a stool, and she sits on top of him, facing him. He holds her by the waist to keep her in place while she arches backwards towards the floor.

7) Bum bumps

Another type of swing: sitting on a sheet on the ground, both parties face each other and lean slightly backwards. They spread their legs around each other and hold each other by the wrists to more easily guide the movements.

8) The galloping horse

A position for the more adventurous of you! The man squats down on his haunches, with his partner lying on the ground with her hips raised. She wraps her legs around him above his knees and keeps her shoulders on the floor. He can hold her wrists and ankles before taking off at a gallop!

9) Standing doggy style

He is standing, back against a wall or a tree, while she stands in front of him, leaning slightly forward, her back against his torso. She allows him to penetrate her but she can also help control the movements.

10) The staggering tripod

Standing up, the lovers face one another and embrace. He holds his partner by one of her thighs, which she has raised and opened, allowing him access.

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