Jojoba oil: Multiple benefits for oily skin and hair

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Jojoba oil: Multiple benefits for oily skin and hair
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Jojoba oil is a liquid wax which comes from jojoba grains which is a wild tree that grows primarily in South America.  It is particularly adapted to our skin and hair as it doesn’t leave an oily film after it has been applied.  So what are the benefits of jojoba oil? 

Jojoba oil is ideal for oily skin and hair

Jojoba oil can regulate sebum production.  It also has nourishing properties which can strengthen our skin and hair’s hydrolipidic film.  Due to these two factors, jojoba oil is widely used in products for oily skin and hair. The oil helps to balances sebum production and restores vitality to dry and brittle hair.  It makes you strands of hair brighter and more flexible.

Anti-aging and regenerating properties

Jojoba oil has anti-aging and regenerating properties.  The hydrolipidic film that it leaves on the skin, thanks to the lipids in the oil, help deeply hydrates the skin and reduces cell aging.  Jojoba oil can also help to quickly heal acne scars.

Effective at combating spots and mycosis

Jojoba oil’s antibacterial and bactericide properties are effective at naturally combating mycosis and spots from developing.

Mix a drop of a purifying essential like tea tree, lavender or geranium essential into a drop of jojoba oil and a apply this mixture onto oily skin.  The mixture of the purifying essential oil and the jojoba oil encourages the elimination of imperfections.

Jojoba oil is often used as a day cream, for massages, as a make up remover and as a natural moisture for your body.  It can even be used as a natural shampoo!


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