Itchy intimate areas: what could be the causes?

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Itchy intimate areas: what could be the causes?
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Itchiness or irritations in your intimate parts can be particularly annoying.  Although not always serious, it is important to find a way to reduce the itch and understand why it is happening.  The mucus membrane of your intimate areas is very fragile and can be easily irritated. Chemical products or physical contact can often be the cause of the itchiness which can then lead to infection if you don’t calm the irritation quickly.  However if we don’t know what is causing the itchiness it is difficult to treat… Here are 8 common reasons for itchy intimate areas 

The beach

After returning from the beach do you sometimes feel uncomfortable in your intimate parts? Wearing a wet swimsuit too long is one reason for itchiness.  Another reason for this prickly sensation could be little gains of sands that have got stuck in your pants.  Wash yourself thoroughly to relieve yourself from any disagreeable itching. A neutral soap and clean water will do the trick.

Inappropriate clothing

Do you regularly wear synthetic lingerie or close-fitted trousers? You should know that these clothes can create a bacterial imbalance in your intimate parts and can disturb your vaginal flora. It might be time to rethink your wardrobe.

Shaving and hair removal

More and more women are looking to have a smooth, hair-less bikini line.  However removing all your pubic hair in this intimate area isn’t without risks and problems can arise.
Your pubic hair is there for a reason.  It protects your intimate areas from bacteria and other germs and reduces the risk of having problems with your intimate hygiene. Using a razor on this zone is not advised as the hair can grow back badly.

Sanitary products

We mentioned earlier that your skin in this area is particularly sensitive and can therefore be very susceptible to certain chemical products that are found in the sanitary products that we use.  Sometimes you can feel uncomfortable after using these products as your intimate area becomes itchy.

If your sanitary towels and panty liners are making you uncomfortable think about other alternatives such as cotton towels or the e-cup which may irritate you less.

Daily hygiene

Bad daily hygiene can have a harmful effect on your health. You have to find the right balance between too much personal hygiene, which could make your skin itchy and more sensitive, and not enough. Opt for mild, soothing products with a neutral pH.

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Dry vagina

Over half of women (55%) will experience vaginal dryness in their lifetime.This can cause particularly unpleasant itching which can impact your sex life. A poor lifestyle (excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco), lack of estrogen or inadequate intimate care can often cause vaginal dryness.

You can find treatments in the pharmacy to help this issue.  However it is always best to seek advice to determine the root of the cause. Don’t worry you are not alone if you are suffering from vaginal dryness!

Fungal infection

Vaginal mycosis is a relatively common infection that causes redness and itching. This infection happens due a proliferation of the fungus, Candida Albicans, which occurs when your immune defenses are weak.

Consult your doctor or pharmacist at the first sign of infection and they will advise you.


Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin condition which can affect your whole body, even your vulva. It can appear as red, itchy marks in your intimate area.  Once again, you should contact your doctor who will advise you on what smoothing and hydrating creams can help.

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