Is passing wind good for your health?

Is passing wind good for your health?
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If you have ever asked yourself whether it is normal to pass wind, rest assured, it is a completely normal bodily function. A normal person farts on average 14 times a day. Flatulence is caused by digestion of food, following its decomposition in the stomach and the intestines. Therefore, it is inevitable, and there is no way to avoid it. By contrast, you shouldn’t try and hold in your gas, as this could damage your digestive health. 

Passing gas eliminates bloating

If you often have stomach aches after a large meal and you feel bloated, you definitely need to get rid of intestinal gas. Given that bloating corresponds with a sensation of swelling in the body and temporary weight gain, passing gas will relieve you.

Holding in gas damages the colon

There is a difference between holding in gas from time to time to avoid embarrassing situations, and holding in gas all the time. The former is quite understandable -we all do it -but the latter is worrying, because it can lead to problems with the colon.

Flatulence prevents diseases

Sometimes, when we notice an unusual smell or frequency, intestinal gas can alert us to a health problem that leads us to consulting a doctor.

Foul smelling gas, an increase in frequency and eventual pain can be signs of lactose intolerance or more serious health problems such as bowel cancer.

Your farts can tell you how to adapt your diet

If your farts smell very bad, your diet is probably the reason. Wine, beer, cabbages, beans, soft drinks, cheese, red meat and eggs can all have a tendency to produce more gas than other foods.

Flatulence can also give you a way to adapt your diet and keep it balanced, to stay in good health, because you will know what you are missing or what you are eating too much of.

If you rarely pass wind, this is not necessary a sign of good health, because your body could be lacking in fibre. You will find fibre in lentils, beans or kale.

Passing gas means that your intestines are working well

It’s not a myth, the people who are in the best of health often pass wind most often, which signifies that their digestive system, stomach and intestines are in good health.

Certain foods promote better digestion, such as cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts, of course as long as you don’t overdo it.

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