Insomnia: natural remedy to help you sleep more peacefully

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Insomnia: natural remedy to help you sleep more peacefully
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There is nothing worse than if your neighbours decide to celebrate a birthday on a Tuesday night after a stressful day with the prospect of an important meeting the next day.  We have all been in a situation when we’d like to sleep but our mind stays active.  How to you overcome this issue as well as all the other complications and fall straight asleep in less than ten minutes? Before trying sleeping pills which are not a very natural method, why not try a homemade infusion to combat insomnia!  

Did you know that a three out of four Brits complain about not sleeping well?  Chronic and severe insomnia affect about 16% of the population. Sleeping problems have multiple causes, whether it is psychological factors like stress, anxiety, depression or environmental factors like noise, heat or light pollution in towns.  However it can also be related to some illnesses like restless leg syndrome, asthma or allergies.

Unfortunately, a bad nights sleep can affect your mood and your health.  After sleeping badly, we are generally tired and have trouble concentrating, suffer memory issues and sore heads or are nervous, irritable and often anxious.

Our natural remedy for a better nights sleep

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To slip peacefully asleep in only a few minutes, you can easily concoct a herbal infusion. For this you will need:

  • Passion flower;
  • Lemon balm;
  • Hawthorn.

What do to next?

  • In a pan, heat 100 ml of water until boiling;
  • Pour one table spoon of a mixture of the above plants into the water;
  • Leave it all to infuse for 10 minutes;
  • Filter the infusion before drinking.

For the most effective results drink this infusion about two hours before going to bed.

Finally it’s advisable not to drink more than 100 ml of the infusion before going to bed.  You don’t want to risk having to go to the toilet in the night plus the infusion is sufficiently powerful as it is.

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