10 simple tips to improve your self confidence

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10 simple tips to improve your self confidence
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Lacking self confidence can be a real obstacle when trying to realise your dreams or desires.  This is why you should quickly try and resolve any issues making you lose confidence in yourself.  Here are ten simple tips to get rid of any fears or doubts that are preventing your from progressing and can help you improve your self confidence. 

1) Maintain eye contact

When someone looks at you, don’t lower your eyes or turn away from them.  Communication can also be felt through your eyes.  Look at the person who is speaking to you as it will give you confidence when you are having a conversation.

2) Transform your fears into positive actions

When a situation scares you or stresses you out, don’t use up your energy trying to hide your emotion.  Instead you should transform your fear into positive thoughts or actions.  For example if you like a person but you are afraid to say it, simply start by speaking with them everyday.  After you have got to know them, the person will be surely more inclined to agree to go out with you.

3) Engage in conversation

If you are someone who is naturally shy, it can be useful to try and force yourself to engage in conversation when you meet new people.  Make contact instead of avoiding it is one of the best way to rebuild confidence in yourself and develop new relationships.

4) Stop hesitating!

People who lack confidence in themselves often have difficulties making decisions.  They tend to hesitate a lot even once a decision has been made.  Listen to your intuition before making a decision and don’t regret your decision once it has been made.  If life leads you to a different adventure, stop being afraid.  You will be able to adapt yourself better to situations by being confident in yourself and your future.

5) Let your personality come out

If you have someone you look up to or admire, watch that you don’t try and imitate their personality or actions too much.  Confidence in yourself means that you are happy in your own skin.  You shouldn’t make yourself into a version of someone else.  Everyone is free to live how they choose and with whoever they choose.  No one should make you think in a certain way, or impose choices, behaviours or fashion senses on you.  (Except in some professional situations where it is often best to maintain certain social norms…)

6) Practice the Coué method or Creative Visualisation

The Coué method and Creative Visualisation are recognised effective methods to confront essential life choices, rediscover your self-confidence and your internal happiness.

The Coué method is all about positive thinking which helps us sensibly shape our character, choices and actions.  Creative Visualisation essentially means dreaming while you are awake and believing in these dreams so that you can carry them out successfully.

7) Express yourself

Whether you agree or not about a topic of conversation with people you don’t know, your friends, family or work colleagues, you should always express your opinion.  However you should never be too vocal and always think how other could take your comments especially at work.  You should give measured responses instead of staying quiet.  Raise your voice a little if you think that nobody is hearing you but without shouting.  You should make yourself heard!

8) Set yourself attainable goals

If you feel like you have failed perhaps you have set yourself very difficult goals which are difficult to carry through and which tire you out.  Rethink your objectives.  Perhaps with a slight alteration you will be able to gradually progress until you have realised you goals.  Having self confidence also means that you know what you are capable of and your limits.

9) Start again

You shouldn’t abandon your goals or dreams just because your have failed once or several times.  Perseverance always pays off.  Learn how to spot errors that are causing you to fail so that you can prevent them from happening to you again.  You always need to learn from your mistakes and just like Saint Luc says “Everything is possible for those who believe in it.”

10) Move!

Physical exercise and sport is very effective at relieving stress and keeping you in good health which as a result improves your self confidence.  Choose an activity that you’d really like to do whether it is dancing, climbing, yoga, cycling or tennis…. You can sign yourself up to a club or a class which will give you an opportunity to meet new people and perhaps take part in competitions or matches which can help improve your confidence even more.


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