How to reach a woman’s G-spot ?

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How to reach a woman’s G-spot ?
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Particular techniques need to be used in order to reach different female orgasms. There are some recommendations to follow and errors to avoid when finding a women’s G spot.  Alexandre Roth outlines these recommendations in his book L’homme séduisant: Comment séduire une femme en 7 étapes, (translated as “The seductive man: How to seduce a woman in seven steps.”) 

Where is the G-spot and how do you reach it?

The G-spot is found at the front area of the vagina (below the stomach) at about 2 to 3 cm inside the entrance to the vagina.  The area has a rough appearance and has substantial number of nerve endings, where the intensity of the female’s pleasure is felt when stimulated.

The best way, according to the author, to reach the G-spot is to insert your finger into the vagina while placing the palm of your hand upwards so that you can bend it.  This way you can reach this area at the front of the entrance to the vagina. After your have done this all you need to do is to repeatedly make a “come here” movement with your index finger so that you can pressurise the G-spot until the woman has reached an orgasm.  Of course your nails need to be cut short and your hands need to be thoroughly washed.

What mistakes should you avoid?

If you find that the area is smooth it means that you are not in the right area.  The G spot is quite rough due to nerve endings which make this area particularly sensitive to pleasure.

A little further on the anterior side of the vagina is the Deep Spot.  This area is found about 7 cm from the entrance to the vagina and is the deepest area of the vagina and is also an erogenous area for the majority of women.

The G-point is not the only erogenous area for women.  The clitoris, labia minora (smaller lips) and anus are also very sensitive to stimulation.

Not all women are receptive in the same way to the G-spot or the Deep spot when it is stimulated.  Some women feel nothing while others while discover a magical connection with their partner.

Before you are able to reach a vaginal orgasm you need to follow the important golden rule of three:   This includes:

  • Genital stimulation (clitoris, vaginal)
  • Kisses with the tongue
  • Oral sex (cunnilingus)

Foreplay which includes kisses, caresses and masturbation are often indispensable when trying to reach a vaginal orgasm, whether it is the G-spot, Deep Spot or a cervical orgasm.


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