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How to make your own homemade pain relief cream

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How to make your own homemade pain relief cream
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Whether you are sporty or just a bit clumsy, it is easy to find yourself covered in bruises and sore areas.  It could be your arms, back, legs, shoulder… in short, everywhere!   However don’t try and persevere with these parasitic pains during the day or at night.  In this article we offer you a pain relief cream that you can make at home.  What is more it is a good excuse for a massage!  

Pain relief homemade cream recipe

lubrifiant naturel huile de coco
© Greekfood Tamystica – Pixabay / Solid Coconut oil


Step 1 :

  • 125 ml of coconut oil (solid form) ;
  • 10 ml bees wax (2 teaspoons).

Step 2 :

4 or 5 drops of the following essential oils

  • camphor essential oil;
  • peppermint essential oil;
  • eucalyptus essential oil.


baume à lèvres
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This cream is simple to prepare but you should carefully follow the steps below:

  • Start by melting the ingredients from step one in a bain-marie making sure to continuously stir the mixture. This will combine the ingredients together.  When they are in their solid form it is difficult to manipulate.
  • Once the two ingredients have melted remove the pan from the heat and then leave to cool for a few minutes.
  • Once cooled slightly you can add the essential oils from step two and mix carefully into the mixture.  These essential oils bring their benefits to the coconut oil and beeswax.

Be careful:  If the mixture is too hot you could start to cook the essential oils which will mean they will lose some of their benefits.  On the contrary if the mixture is left to cool too long the oils won’t be able to mix in as it has solidified.  To avoid this from happening you should continue to stir the mixture while it cools as you can more easily observe it’s consistency.

  • Pour the mixture in container or cosmetic tub that has been well cleaned and sterilised.  Place the mixture into the refrigerator so that the cream can solidify completely.
  • You can now apply this cream to the painful areas of your body whenever you wish.  The cream will take on it’s original oily consistency when put in contact with the heat of your skin.

A few things to know:


Thanks to the peppermint essential oil this cream will help to heat the painful area. This oil has been traditionally used for it’s beneficial effects on muscular and joint pain.  Camphor essential oil is know for it’s relaxing virtues.  This is why camphor oil is often used for massages.

Coconut oil is used in many creams.  It is a must have in cosmetic products thanks to it’s fatty acids an vitamins A and E.  In African countries people have been using the oil to treat their hair and skin for centuries.  When mixed bees wax, with the solid aspect of the cream, it will create the perfect consistency. This helps to create the perfect mixture without using chemical products.

Make sure that you use quality and environmental products.  You can also do your research on the origin of certain products and how they have been tested.


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