How to have a cervical orgasm

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How to have a cervical orgasm
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Okay you’ll know about a clitoris orgasm and a vaginal orgasm but have you heard of a cervical orgasm? This orgasm happens at the cervix and is a lot less common than the other two female orgasms.  According sexologists the pleasure would be “complete“. 

What is a cervical orgasm?

According to the Canadian sexologist Jessica O’Reilly, during a cervical orgasm the cervix prevents the penis from going further than this limit.  However, the ectocervix which is the only part of the cervix accessible through the vagina, can be stimulated. If the woman is relaxed and in a state of intense excitement, a deep penetration can cause cervical orgasm. At this moment, a wave of pleasure passes through the female body and can fill the entire abdominal region with pleasure.

However if their state of excitation is not intense enough, the contact of the penis with the extocervix may not be very pleasant, and even painful.

Cervical orgasms are not always the same!

A cervical orgasm is not systematic, indeed some women do not experience pleasure at the time of cervical stimulation.  Every women responds differently to this stimulation. However, a cervical orgasm is only possible if the woman is in a state of total excitement.  That’s why we talk about a complete orgasm!

A women’s cervix will be more sensitive to stimulation a few days before her period. During menstruation, the cervix is easier to reach. However once again, this often depends on the woman. Some will be more sensitive to stimulation about two weeks before her period starts.

Lastly, some sex positions are more ideal for having a cervical orgasm.  These sex positions make it easier for your partner to reach the bottom of the vagina and the ectocervix.  The doggie position, chair position or cowgirl position can all be effective.


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