How often do you really need to shower?

How often do you really need to shower?
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According to a Reddit survey carried out on 375 men and 187 women aged from 17 to 60, many Westerners (the majority of respondents) reported that they shower only three times a week. On the other days, they make do with a quick wash of their main body parts. So what is the best solution? Shower every day, or every two to three days? 

Showering frequency: each to their own

According to this survey, which represented a fairly small sample of respondents, it seemed that showering daily was not something everyone automatically did. Of the 562 people surveyed in several countries (mainly Western countries), 70% of women and 60% of men said that they do not shower every day. 

So is it hygienic not to shower daily? Not if you do a targeted wash on the days you don’t shower, washing the hands, face, armpits, chest, bum, genitals and feet.

By contrast, if there are creases in your skin (owing to excess weight), it is also important to wash them to avoid the spread of bacteria and even infections in these areas.

With this practice, and taking a full shower every two days, you will get rid of bad odours and remain clean, according to Dr. Guibal, a dermatologist in the Saint Louis hospital in Paris.

Daily showering irritates your skin

The shower and the bath remove a part of the hydrolipidic film, the skin’s fine protective layer. This film is made up of dead skin cells, sweat, water, keratin and sebum, but it keeps the skin hydrated and protects it from external aggravations caused by bacteria, pollution or friction. If you shower every day, you are wearing down this protective barrier and this can irritate your skin.

For people with skin problems, sensitive or reactive skin, or who suffer from atopic dermatitis, such as eczema, it is recommended that you take only around 3 showers a week.

Of course, the frequency of showering or bathing will vary depending on your lifestyle and the time of year. If you exercise to the point of sweating every day, we understand that you would like to shower before going to bed. The same goes for in summer, when temperatures can become unbearable and we sweat much more, and we have a tendency to shower more often.

In short, only you can be the judge of your own hygiene!


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