How does sexual desire evolve with age?

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How does sexual desire evolve with age?
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Sex and sexual desire is not just for the young.  When you get older, our bodies and minds change in line with our lived experiences and sex evolves as well.  But to what extend can sexual desire be affected? 

Important to adapt but not to stop

Age, experience, events and time can impact both our positive and negative mental state.  As a result it can also have an impact on sex and desire. Changes to our bodies which comes with old age can affect our sexual relations especially if one person in the couple or both have lost confidence in themselves.

But you have to work on your own personal confidence or your confidence as a couple if couples want to engage in a fulfilled sex life.  There is no reason for time or age to affect it.

Adapting to life events and continuing to have an active sex life are the best advice that a sexologist can give.

Using accessories to reawaken desire

It is true that the situation can be complicated especially if the man suffers from impotence or a decrease in erections. When this happens it is important for the couple to remain solid and support one another, reassure one another and to continue to have sexual relations even if you need to be more patient or turn toward aphrodisiac remedies.

If a man finds he has less spontaneous erections then could have the advantage of having longer erections without ejaculating.

The impact of menopause on women’s sex life isn’t proven.  Menopausal symptoms are varied and can be felt differently depending on the woman. Some might be embarrassed or unsure of themselves at the beginning but they will soon find their sexual desire again.

In conclusion, age has no impact on sexual desire once you have accepted that sex is something to maintain by adapting to your situation!

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