Hot flushes: five natural remedies

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Hot flushes: five natural remedies
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Men and women can suffer from hot flushes but it is more common for women especially during menopause due to changing hormones.  Menopause causes feelings of intense heat often at night, sweating, shivers and sometimes dizziness.  According to a study published in 2013, these symptoms normally last about 7 years.  Here are 5 plants that can hep you combat hot flushes naturally and avoid taking medication.

Sage can help prevent sweating

Sage is an aromatic perennial plant which grown primarily in limestone soil in the Mediterranean region.  In phytotherapy, sage is recommended as it has anti sweating properties which helps you to alleviate heavy sweating.  This is why it is very useful for women going through menopause.

However sage also has antiseptic properties and is good for digestion.  Sage leaves should be dried first before being used as a form of herbal infusion or as a liquid extract of standardised fresh plants.

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Hops helps with insomnia and hot flushes

Beer is made of hops. However phytotherapists also prescribe hops as a natural way of treating anxiety, insomnia and hot flushes.  Hops are generally taken as a standardised extract.

Chasteberry can help regulate hormones

The flowers and fruits of chasteberry, which originates in the Mediterranean and in Asia, can be effective as a natural hormone regulator.  Chasteberry is recommended if women are having problems during their menstrual cycle especially during menopause or during the premenstrual cycle to combat stomach cramps or hot flushes.  This plant is often prescribed as an extract.

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Dong quai has pain killing properties

Roots of dong quai have painkilling properties which are effective at alleviating soreness.  It also has anti-inflammatory properties that are good at soothing hot flushes.  It is often prescribes as a dry extract.

Black cohosh helps with excessive sweating

This plant which originates in North America is often used in phytotherapy.  It’s roots can be turned into a dry extract which is effective at reducing excessive sweating, sleeping difficulties and anxiety.  It can also relieve hot flushes during menopause.

Black cohosh
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Be aware of when you can’t take these plants

Before taking dry extracts or standardised plant extracts, you should always ask for advise from a doctor or a naturopathist so that you are aware of any reason why you should not take these extracts.  (It is sometimes not recommended depending on if you suffer from an illness or are already taking medicine.)  If symptoms continue to affect you or are getting worse you should speak with your doctor.


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