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Homeopathy: the medicine cabinet we should all have at home

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Homeopathy: the medicine cabinet we should all have at home
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At the first sign of pain or illness, we have a tendency to go straight for classic medications from large scale laboratories, with their long lists of side effects…. Not to mind antibiotics, which only weaken our immune systems. To avoid having to go for meds, here is a list of homeopathy treatments that are indispensable for recurrent aches, pains and ailments. 

Homeopathy for healing frequent complaints

Comprised of mineral, vegetable or animal substances that trigger symptoms similar to the complaint, homeopathic remedies aim to stimulate your body’s own natural defenses in order to fight off illness. It is best to ask your pharmacist or homeopath about specific dosage.

Important: ask your pharmacist about the minimum age for giving homeopathic capsules to your children. Allow the capsules to dissolve under their tongue. 1 dose = 3 granules.

Skin rashes or hives because of food allergies

Ask for a tube of URTICA URENS 4 CH. Your homeopath or pharmacist will prescribe you the correct dose, depending on your weight and age and the level of your reaction.

Pollen allergies

During the month before symptoms are likely to arise, in springtime, take 1 dose of POLLENS 15CH per week and a dose throughout the allergy attack.

Anxiety and worry

If you feel butterflies in your tummy, take 3 granules of IGNATIA 9CH  three to five times a day.

To calm worry and nerves, take 2 to 6 capsules of LENICALM per day for 3 weeks. Children who are anxious can take 3 granules of CINA 5CH three to four times a day.

Bumps and bruises

To relieve bumps and bruises, take one dose of ARNICA 9CH, and apply arnica gel to the area.

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Occasional constipation

Take 3 granules of ALUMINA 4CH, twice a day


Before eating too much, take ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM 5 CH.

For travellers’ diarrhea, dissolve 3 granules of ARSENICUM ALBUM 5CH in your mouth 3 to 4 times a day.

Joint pains

If you have a sprain, lower back pain or a crick in your neck, RHUS TOX 5 CH BRYONIA 5 CH will ease pain. Dissolve 3 granules in your mouth 3 to 4 times a day.


For flu prevention, take one dose of INFLUENZINUM 9 CH per month throughout the winter.

During a flu, take 20 drops of HOMEODOSE 3, two or three times a day, and 1 to 2 tablets of Oligostim copper per day.

Coughs and sore throats

To relieve a sore throat, alternate between 3 granules of MERCURIUS 5 CH, BELLADONNA 5 CH and APIS 5 CH  three times a day.

In the case of a cough, take two teaspoons of DROSETUX syrup three to five times per day.

For a choking cough with nausea, replace this with 3 granules of IPECA 5CH three to four times a day.


3 granules of CHAMOMILLA 5 CH three to four times a day will calm toothaches.

Digestive discomfort

If you have digestive problems, suck on 3 granules of NUX VOMICA three to four times a day.

Homeopathy Emergency Kit

For the following treatments, the dosage is 3 granules, two to three times a day.


In the case of sunburn, take APIS 5 CH. If the burn is accompanied by blisters and itching, go for CANTHARIS 5CH instead. For redness, NATRUM MUR 5 CH is effective.

Knocks, bumps and bruises

Apply Arnica gel to the zone of pain and dissolve 3 granules of ARNICA 9 CH in your mouth.

Nasal irritation

Take one dose of CHINA 5 CH.


After disinfecting the wound, apply CALENDULA TM compresses.

Insect bites

Apply ECHINACEA ointment to the affected area and take one dose of APIS MEL 5CH.