Holidays and health: 10 scientific proofs for why we need vacations

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Holidays and health: 10 scientific proofs for why we need vacations
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Whether it’s at the beach, the pool, in the mountains, or at evening barbecues, everyone makes the most of their holidays in their own way. But one thing is for sure: the summer holidays are a unique opportunity to recharge your batteries, while discovering new horizons. 

Scientists have put their heads to the matter, looking into the benefits of holidays, and they have drawn conclusions that are sometimes surprising, particularly in terms of your health. Here are 10 things that prove that holidays are life!

1. Holidays increase fertility rates

A study led in the United States revealed that fertility rates were higher during the holiday period. In fact, 40% of the women interviewed said that they had gotten pregnant while on holidays.

2. Holidays prevent heart disease

Another American study showed that women who take holidays twice a year have eight times less risk than others of developing heart disease.

3. Holidays improve sleep

British researchers proved that the holiday period notably reduced blood pressure. They also showed that people who take more holidays had lower blood sugar levels, better moods and enjoyed more restorative sleep.

4. The beach reduces stress

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A French doctor, Dr. Messier, proved that during the holidays, the immune system is built up, which helps lower stress and protects us from illnesses such as colds and flus upon our return.

5. …And also diabetes

The same Doctor Messier also noted that holidays reduced the risk of developing stress-related digestive problems. But holidays also prevented diabetes and skin problems such as eczema.

6. Holidays make us more active

A large scale French study showed that people tended to eat less fatty, less sugary and more balanced meals when they were off work than they did during the rest of the year. People also tended to do more intense physical exercise than usual during this time. 

7. No more back pain

On our holidays, muscle tension is reduced due to a significant reduction in stress. Neck pain, back pain and headaches stop almost instantaneously when we start bronzing on the beach.

8. The summer boosts our morale

Holidays lower the risks of anxiety and depression. This phenomenon is most seen in women, particularly those who take holidays at least twice a year.

A final recommendation for calmly facing down your professional life: take multiple long weekend breaks, rather than one long period of holidays in the year. The benefits of holidays are multiplied when they are taken regularly.

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