Heavy legs: natural remedies to help relieve the sensation

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Heavy legs: natural remedies to help relieve the sensation
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The sensation of heavy legs is caused by bad blood circulation.  Some plants make effective natural remedies to revive feelings of heavy legs.  Read on to find out more about these natural solutions.  

Plants: your best ally to combat heavy legs

Fresh plants should be your first choice when it comes to treating heavy legs as they are more active that dried plants.  Ideally, it is better to consult a phytotherapist (a herbology practitioner)  or a specialist pharmacists before starting a herbal treatment.  Specialists can prepare personalized mixtures which are adapted to your symptoms.  However, if you want to go it alone, here is a list of recommended plants to help treat heavy legs.

  • Red grapvine : This plant has been used since Antiquity to treat heavy legs.  It is known to have properties which can help reinforce vein walls making them more resistant.
  • Butcher’s Bloom : This plant can tone the vein walls thanks to natural rutin found in the plant which is thought to help strengthen and increase flexibility of blood vessels.
  • Horse chestnut : Also useful for water retention problems, horse chestnut can help treat heavy legs.
  • Sweet clover : This plant is triple action: at the same time it relieves both venous insufficiency, lymphatic insufficiency and fragile blood vessels.
  • Witch-hazel :  Astringent tannin found in this plant helps improve blood circulation.
  • Maidenhair tree (also known as Ginkgo biloba): This has been used for many years especially in Chinese medicine. It can help thin the blood as well as preventing vascular aging.  This plant also has anti-inflammatory properties.
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Complemented with aromatherapy

For an even greater effect, you can combine herbal remedies with aromatherapy. Decongestant and blood thinning essential oils can strengthen vein walls. These qualities mean that they can have a very positive effect on heavy legs. There are different ways to use essential oils:

  • Run a bath (a cool bath, no hotter than 37°C) and pour in 5 drops of cypress essential oil and 4 drops of peppermint essential oil mixed with a teaspoon of a neutral base for the bath (this can be found in organic shops). After 20 minutes in the tub your legs will feel lighter than ever before!
  • Make your own massaging oil by mixing 2 drops of cypress essential oil, 2 drops of lemon oil and 2 drops of juniper oil.  Add half a teaspoon of calophylle oil. Using this will help improve blood circulation and will end the sensation of heavy legs.

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