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Can a healthy heart depend on your relationship as a couple?

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Can a healthy heart depend on your relationship as a couple?
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Researchers from Bristol University and the University of Glasgow conducted a study on the impact of the quality of marital relations on men’s cardiovascular health. Their study was published on October, 2017 in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. Here is a summary of their results which looked into the effects of relationships and having healthy hearts!

The better your relationship, the better your health?

According to researchers, cardiovascular health depends in part on the quality of married life for married men. Researchers relied on a large study conducted in England with more than 10,000 families over a period of twenty years.

Teams from the University of Bristol and Glasgow carried out the study by interviewing married fathers about the quality of their married life six and a half years after the birth of their first child.  The married men had to determine whether their relationship remained stable, deteriorated or improved.

Different cardiovascular risk factors were measured on participants including blood pressure, heart rate, BMI and blood sugar levels.  These risk factors were measured twice: once at the time of their child’s birth and then again 19 years later.

Less cholesterol

Results showed that men who said that their relationship with their partner had improved were the only ones to have a low rate of LDL cholesterol and a stable weight.  In contrast, those who said that their marital relationship had deteriorated had higher blood pressure.  However for men who declared that their relationship remained stable and constant, no effect on their cardiovascular health was observed.

For the moment there have been no studies on women to see if the same can be said for the opposite sex!


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